Zapbox and OpenBrush: Pioneering Affordable Mixed Reality Art on iPhone

Pioneering Affordable Mixed Reality Art on iPhone
Discover how Zapbox transforms your iPhone into an affordable AR headset now enhanced with OpenBrush for immersive 3D painting experiences.

Zapbox has emerged as a notable player in the affordable mixed reality landscape. Compatible with iPhone 11 and later models, Zapbox converts an iPhone into a mixed reality headset, allowing users to engage with a variety of immersive experiences. This device, priced at $79.99, is designed to make advanced XR technologies accessible without the high costs associated with other headsets. Users can explore everything from mixed reality gaming to educational content, making it a versatile addition to one’s digital toolkit​​.

Key Features of Zapbox

The device boasts impressive features, including two Bluetooth controllers with six degrees of freedom (6DoF), full-color video pass-through, and a 100-degree field of view. These attributes ensure a deeply engaging mixed reality experience. Additionally, the full-color pass-through technology mirrors the visual fidelity of more expensive counterparts like the Meta Quest Pro, but at a fraction of the cost, positioning Zapbox as an economically feasible option for XR enthusiasts​.

Introduction of OpenBrush to Zapbox

A significant development for Zapbox is the integration of OpenBrush, a software that allows users to create 3D paintings in virtual reality. Originally evolved from Google’s Tilt Brush, OpenBrush offers a suite of creative tools, including a variety of brushes and effects, to paint in three-dimensional space. This collaboration empowers users to express their artistic visions in mixed reality, further expanding the capabilities of the Zapbox platform​.

Expanding Content and Future Roadmap

Zapbox isn’t just stopping at current offerings. The platform plans to expand its library with more engaging content and applications tailored to both entertainment and practical uses. From games like House Party Pool to educational tools, Zapbox aims to enrich its ecosystem continually. Moreover, with plans to support WebXR and OpenXR, and eventual compatibility with Android devices, Zapbox is set to broaden its reach and utility in the mixed reality domain​.

With its affordable pricing and robust features, Zapbox represents a significant leap towards making mixed reality experiences more accessible. The addition of OpenBrush illustrates Zapbox’s commitment to enhancing creative opportunities for users, establishing it as a potent tool for both developers and everyday users looking to explore the potentials of augmented reality.

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