ControlZ Slashes Prices on Renewed Smartphones

ControlZ Slashes Prices on Renewed Smartphones
Discover budget-friendly, renewed smartphones with ControlZ's latest price cuts on Apple iPhones and daily deals on Android devices. Save big while supporting sustainability.

ControlZ has announced a price reduction across its range of renewed Apple iPhones and a new daily deal format for Android phones, including brands such as OPPO, OnePlus, and Realme. This initiative makes high-quality smartphones more accessible to consumers looking for budget-friendly options.

  • Apple iPhones now available from INR 8,900.
  • Daily deals on Android devices from OPPO, OnePlus, and Realme.
  • OnePlus DayZ scheduled from 10th to 14th April, OPPO DayZ from 15th to 27th April, and Realme DayZ from 27th to 30th April.
  • Devices come with an 18-month warranty and 100% battery health.

Yug Bhatia, Founder and CEO of ControlZ, emphasized the company’s goal to enhance the customer experience by offering devices that meet high standards of performance and satisfaction. The renewed smartphones come with a warranty of up to 18 months and are guaranteed to have 100% battery health. Additionally, these devices are packaged with premium accessories, including quality adapters and power cables, in attractive boxes.

The company’s initiative is also aimed at promoting sustainable consumption by renewing smartphones to ‘as good as new’ condition, thereby extending their lifecycle and reducing the environmental impact associated with the manufacturing of new devices.

Scheduled OnePlus DayZ Offers:

  • OnePlus 5 for INR 6,299 on 14th April
  • OnePlus 5T for INR 6,299 on 13th April
  • OnePlus 6 for INR 6,299 on 12th April
  • OnePlus 6T for INR 8,099 on 11th April
  • OnePlus 7 for INR 9,899 on 10th April

ControlZ’s efforts underscore its commitment to sustainability by offering a practical alternative to purchasing new smartphones, thereby reducing the demand for new production and its associated environmental impact.

For more details on the deals and to take advantage of these offers, consumers are encouraged to visit ControlZ’s website.

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