Exclusive Interview with Mr. Pawan Kumar, CEO Elista

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Pawan Kumar is the CEO of Elista (a TeknoDome Group Company). An innovative and performance-oriented leader with more than 22 years of experience, Pawan is the driving force behind Elista’s remarkable growth and success in India. Under his able leadership, Elista has had a successful brand journey and is on track to clock a turnover of Rs 250 crores in the current financial year.

About Elista

Founded in 2020, Elista is India’s leading world-class electronics, home appliances, IT, and mobile accessories brand. Part of the TeknoDome, UAE, Elista adheres to India’s ‘Atmanirbhar’ principle of manufacturing. With a vision to put India on the global innovation map, Elista inspires brands worldwide to manufacture in India to cater to their demand across geographies. For more info, please visit –

We had a chance to sit with Mr. Pawan Kumar for an interaction, here’s how it went:

Why would someone choose Elista products over established brands?

Elista stands out in the consumer electronics market by combining innovation with quality. We offer technologically advanced, feature-rich products at competitive prices, making premium products accessible and affordable. Our presence in over 300 Indian cities and a robust after-sales service network ensure widespread availability and reliable customer support. Each product is crafted in advanced facilities and undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring durability and performance. This blend of quality, accessibility, and customer focus makes Elista a top choice for consumers seeking dependable and innovative electronics.

What was the turnover in 2023? Is Elista expanding to international markets? If yes, what are the strategies or challenges in entering international markets?

Elista achieved a turnover of ₹201 crores in the fiscal year 2023-24, reflecting our growing influence in India’s consumer technology market. Presently, we have operations in 17 countries, and we are implementing a strategic plan covering R&D and marketing initiatives to expand our presence to 50 countries by 2025. We anticipate that these initiatives will boost our combined domestic and international revenue to ₹1,500 crores by the same year.

Our approach is centered on offering innovative products at affordable prices and executing a well-considered global expansion strategy. This dual focus is designed to not only extend Elista’s reach but also to establish it as a globally recognized and trusted brand in consumer electronics.

What are the quality tests Elista performs to ensure consistency of its products? Is there a dedicated testing lab for Elista product testing?

Elista is committed to upholding the highest quality standards, ensuring that all our OEM partners operate dedicated labs and established R&D centers for product development. Each product undergoes exhaustive mandatory testing within these facilities to guarantee consistent performance and durability. Our rigorous testing protocols are meticulously designed to assess each item’s durability and functionality, confirming that every Elista product meets the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification requirements. This ensures that our products adhere to our stringent quality benchmarks before they reach our consumers.

What is Elista’s view about future technologies such as GenAI? Is Elista working on integrating Artificial Intelligence into its products?

Elista is deeply committed to embracing and integrating cutting-edge technologies, including generative AI, to enhance the functionality and user experience across our product range. Our latest Google TV series exemplifies this approach, offering an advanced, personalized viewing experience. Leveraging Google’s AI-driven recommendations, this series adapts to individual preferences, allowing users to seamlessly curate their watchlists directly from their mobile devices. Additionally, the inclusion of a dedicated kids’ mode ensures that family-friendly content is readily accessible, making these TVs a smart choice for households.

We apply the same forward-thinking technology integration to our wearables and various household electronics, continuously exploring opportunities to incorporate AI to bring smarter, more efficient solutions to our customers.

How is Elista’s offline strategy different from the competition in reaching out to audiences in tier 2/3 markets? Plans to expand its reach in such markets?

Elista applies a tailored offline strategy to deepen the penetration in tier 2 and tier 3 markets across India. Our presence in over 300 cities positions us uniquely to meet the demands of a broad customer base, making our innovative products easily accessible. This geographic reach is complemented by our robust after-sales service network, which ensures that every customer enjoys prompt and dependable support, building a strong foundation of trust and satisfaction.

How does Elista envision its role in shaping the future of consumer electronics in India, especially concerning future trends and technological inclusion? Could you elaborate on Elista’s plans for business growth?

Elista is poised to be a significant player in shaping the future of consumer electronics in India by focusing on technological innovation and local manufacturing capabilities. With substantial investments in two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, we have set the stage for an impressive production output—aiming to produce 10,00,000 TVs and 10,00,000 LED monitors annually. These facilities not only boost our local manufacturing prowess but also enhance our ability to introduce innovative products tailored for both domestic and international markets.

Our goal is to achieve a domestic revenue of ₹500 crore by the end of 2025. This ambition is supported by our extensive distribution network, which includes over 350 distributors strategically positioned across the nation to maximize the availability of Elista products. In addition to this robust distribution framework, our customer support system enhances the overall consumer experience. With dedicated helpline services and multiple channels for assistance, we ensure that our customers receive the support they need conveniently and efficiently.

Together, these elements form a comprehensive strategy aimed at not only meeting but also anticipating the needs of consumers in a dynamic market. By continuing to integrate the latest technologies and trends into our products, Elista is dedicated to playing a transformative role in the consumer electronics landscape of India.

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