Infosys and Intel’s AI Evolution: Shaping the Future of Enterprise Growth

Infosys and Intel's AI Evolution
Infosys and NVIDIA partner to harness generative AI for enhancing enterprise productivity. Explore how their strategic collaboration is setting new benchmarks in AI innovation.

In a landmark collaboration, Infosys and NVIDIA, a miscommunication previously referred to as Intel, have joined forces to propel enterprises into a new era of productivity and innovation with the power of Generative AI. This strategic alliance is aimed at leveraging NVIDIA’s AI technology and Infosys’s expertise to create transformative solutions across various industries.

At the heart of this partnership, Infosys will integrate NVIDIA AI Enterprise ecosystem models, tools, and systems into Infosys Topaz, its AI-first suite of services, solutions, and platforms. This integration is poised to simplify the adoption of generative AI technologies for businesses, enabling them to harness these advancements for significant productivity gains.

A notable initiative under this collaboration is the establishment of an NVIDIA Centre of Excellence by Infosys. This facility aims to train and certify 50,000 Infosys employees on NVIDIA AI technology, equipping a vast workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions to clients worldwide.

The synergy between NVIDIA’s generative AI platform and Infosys’s business operations showcases the potential for this technology to revolutionize various sectors. From enhancing retail experiences through computer vision to developing next-generation contact center solutions with advanced speech AI, the applications are both varied and impactful.

Further solidifying its commitment to AI, Infosys has also partnered with Microsoft to accelerate the industry-wide adoption of generative AI. This collaboration focuses on developing AI-enabled solutions that integrate Infosys Topaz with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Services, aiming to democratize data and foster innovation across numerous application areas including semantic search, document summarization, and marketing content creation.

These strategic partnerships not only underline Infosys’s ambition to be at the forefront of the AI revolution but also its dedication to enabling enterprises to leverage AI for unprecedented growth and efficiency. As Infosys continues to evolve its offerings with generative AI at the core, the future of enterprise productivity and innovation looks promising, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards an AI-driven business landscape.

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