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Samsung Expands Galaxy AI to Older Devices

Samsung Expands Galaxy AI to Older Devices

Samsung has confirmed the expansion of its Galaxy AI technology to additional devices, with the rollout scheduled to commence by the end of March 2024 through the One UI 6.1 update. This strategic move aims to enhance user experience across a wider range of Samsung products, including older models previously not equipped with these AI capabilities.

Samsung’s President of Mobile eXperience Business, T.M. Roh, emphasized that the introduction of Galaxy AI is just the beginning of the company’s plan to bring these features to over 100 million Galaxy users by the end of 2024. The suite of AI tools, first seen with the Galaxy S24 series, includes several functionalities that enhance communication, productivity, and personalization.

The upcoming One UI 6.1 update promises to bring a plethora of AI features, which were initially exclusive to the latest Galaxy S24 series, to older models such as the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Flip5, and the Galaxy Tab S9 lineup. These features are centered around improving communication, productivity, and creativity, leveraging AI to enhance real-time translation of phone calls, message tone adjustments, and even creative photo editing like object repositioning and instant slow-motion video effects.

Key features of the update include the ‘Live Translate’ and ‘Interpreter’ functions for seamless communication in multiple languages, and ‘Note Assist’ and ‘Browsing Assist’ to streamline productivity. For creative tasks, ‘Generative Edit’ and ‘Edit Suggestion’ will allow users to enhance images and videos with AI-powered tools.

Despite the excitement surrounding these new features, Samsung has noted that not all functionalities from the Galaxy S24 will be available in the older models due to hardware limitations. Additionally, Samsung is currently evaluating the future of these AI services, including potential premium versions post-2025, which might be subscription-based.

The decision to upgrade AI features across devices aligns with Samsung’s goal to democratize AI technology for its users, enhancing the functionality of devices already in the market and extending the lifecycle of older models. This initiative is set to reach over 100 million devices worldwide, emphasizing Samsung’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.



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