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Fossil Q Marshal Review – Big on style, not so big on features

Fossil Q Marshal Review
American watchmaker Fossil is on a launching spree this year. Just recently, the company introduced a slew of smartwatches and fitness trackers in India from its popular fashion brands which include Fossil Q, Skagen Connected Chaps, Emporio Armani and Misfit. We'll be checking out the...

Amateur Fossil Collector Discovers New Dinosaur Species

Scientists, on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 has announced that a novice paleontologist's lucky find before a decade is nothing but the fossil of a new horned dinosaur. The amateur fossil collector, Bill Shipp unearthed the bones near Winifred, Montana. Experts believe that the fossils are...

American researchers discovers 300 million years old giant shark fossils in Texas

300 million years old 'Super Shark' braincase fossils
American researchers have unearthed two fossil brain-cases of massive extinct relatives of present-day sharks that were roaming in Texas some 300 million years ago. These huge sharks were resident to present day Texas at a time known as Carboniferous era, even before the dinosaurs...

Chinese student unearths 120 million-year-old grasshopper fossil in Yumen

Student finds 120 million year old rare fossil
A student working with the Nanjing Institute Of Geology and Paleontology under the aegis of Chinese Academy of Sciences has stumbled upon a 120 million-year-old fossil purported to be an ancestor of the modern day grasshopper. The fossil was discovered in Yumen in the...

1.1 million year-old prehistoric female elephant skull fossil found near Gujrat

Stegodon elephant skull
Pakistani University scholars last week found a 1.1 million-year-old skull of a stegodon female elephant at a location in Gujrat district of Punjab province. The skull from Panjan Sher Shahana, Pabbi Hill was 38 centimeters long, 28 centimeters wide, with 120 kilograms of weight. According...

Researchers spots two new dinosaur nesting sites in Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh

dinosaur nesting sites
Two new dinosaur nesting have been unearthed by a group of researchers in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. The researcher says that the dinosaurs got buried under rocks after massive geographic upheavals some 6.5 crore years ago. According to Mangal Panchayatan Parishad head and...

World’s oldesr known marine turtle fossil found in South America, 120 million years old

World’s oldest sea turtle fossil
Colombia: A team of researchers have stumbled upon what they believe to be the oldest fossil sea turtle that the world has ever known. According to early estimates, the fossil is nearly 120 million years old and is about two meters long. Interestingly, the...

One million years old monkey fossil found from Caribbean region: Report

Researchers have unearthed a monkey fossil in an underwater cave. The fossil is said to be one million years old. The discovery was made after researchers had recovered a fossil shin bone that is said to be of Antillothrix bernensis. The fossil of the Monkey,...

Researchers find human body evolved through four stages of evolution

human evolution
The man has evolved through four major stages of body's size and shape change. It is the conclusion reached by scientists after a careful evaluation of paleontological evidence of fossils of the Sima de los Huesos in Spain’s Sierra de Atapuerca. The fossils are...

Police seize 231 fossil dinosaur eggs from a residence in Heyuan City of China

Nature may have evolved out the Dinosaurs millions of years ago, but its remnants in the form of fossils are actively being hunted for a peek at the world in that era. However, these fossils that include dinosaur’s eggs are a much-sought entity and...

Archaeologist discover 75 million years old fossils of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ dinosaurs

Scientists discover 75 million years old fossils of ‘Romeo and Juliet' dinosaurs
The scientists at University of Alberta recently said that a dinosaur couple called 'Romeo and Juliet' now, has been found buried beneath the Mongolia-based Gobi Desert for over 75 million years. According to the Alberta University palaeontologists, this is the mated pair and was...

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