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Facebook Aquila internet drone run by solar energy tested, to take on Project Loon

Facebook Aquila drone
Facebook’s brand new drone has successfully finished the first test flight. Facebook Aquila drone, which runs on solar energy, is aimed to spread internet access to each and every place on the Earth. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has announced the news through a...

Facebook working on high-speed Internet delivery through laser beams

facebook internet
Facebook is gearing up to develop a system which enables laser beams to deliver faster Internet access to remote areas. Designed and developed by Facebook Connectivity Lab, lasers are not only an attractive but also safe to transfer large chunks of data over large...

Over 57 percent of global urban population has no broadband access, says Study

A study by Wireless Broadband Alliance conducted by Maravedis Rethink Research states that around 57 percent of the global population staying in urban areas still doesn’t have the broadband connection. Out of this, 37 percent of them live in the wealthiest cities of the world....

Facebook expands Ad network to track non-users around the Internet

Facebook announced on May 27 that it would begin displaying ads to users who are not part of their social networking site. The company will do this through the pages of their app developers, publishers, and other such ad-affiliates. The move has allowed Facebook to...

Internet addiction leading to burnout among schoolchildren: Research

Internet has opened the avenues for accessing valuable knowledge and placed them at our fingertips. However, recent studies have established that adolescents are at a risk of developing conditions associated with ‘school burnout’ because of excessive internet usage. A recent study financed by the Academy...

Google Fiber Optic Internet Services: India ki baari aa gayi!

Google now runs free Wi-Fi access across 9 major railway stations in the country since the second week of April, 2016. The company has been charting plans to provide access to high-speed fiber optic internet across the country, and expects to have access portals...

BSNL to connect 1 lakh Panchayats with high-speed Wi-Fi this year

State-run firm BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is testing a WI-FI based network that will provide about 1 lakh panchayats with high-speed internet in a year. Under this project, over six kilometers of a wireless network has been set up connecting Wi-Fi towers in...

Doordarshan rolls out free mobile TV services that requires no internet

Watching television on the go has never been simpler. Doordarshan is rolling out mobile television service that will initially cover 16 cities with plans for expansion into more locations in India. Unlike online video streaming services that have been on the rise in the...

TRAI regulatory blocked Free Basics by Facebook for two years only, what after that?

Facebook has ultimately shut down its controversial Free Basics project in India, days after the Indian regulator TRAI banned it since it violated the fundamental principles of net neutrality. In an emailed statement, an official spokesperson of Facebook clarified that Free Basics is no...

A Brief History of The World Wide Web

Englishman Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee is credited as being the founder of the World Wide Web, and the first steps towards the Internet age began in 1980. In that year, Berners-Lee began to experiment with hypertext, when building ENQUIRE for CERN in Switzerland. ENQUIRE...

Google’s Project Skybender will beam 5G Internet from solar-powered planes and drones

Google is scheduled to beam 5G Internet via solar-powered planes under the code name Project Skybender. There are reports emerging that the company is currently testing the project in a small town near New Mexico and makes use of an optionally piloted plane called...

Internet traffic may soon travel at the speed of light, say researchers

Internet traffic may soon travel at the speed of light
According to a study by HPN group at University of Bristol, a new technology has been developed by the researchers which supports the internet’s infrastructure to be programmable as well as completely open and can drive internet traffic at the speed of light. This...

Google and RailTel starts free Wi-Fi service at Mumbai Central, to reach 100 railway stations by end of 2016

free Wi-Fi service at Mumbai Central
Google in collaboration with Railtel launched the first public wireless Internet service at the Mumbai Central railway station in India. The service makes use of Railwire fiber network and will be available to any user who has a working mobile connection on a smartphone....

Nasscom stands in support of Net Neutrality, opposes Airtel Zero and Free Basics by Facebook plans

Nasscom has opposed Airtel Zero and Facebook's Free Basics platforms stating that it violate basic net neutrality principles. In the opinion of Nasscom, it is not in favour of any new idea or approach where telecom service providers have a final right in choosing a content...

Americans are OK with warrantless mass surveillance in the United States: Poll

Americans have no problem with warrantless mass surveillance in the U.S
According to a new poll from NORC Center for Public Affairs and The Associated Press, most of the Americans have no problem with the government warrantlessly keeping eye on the Internet communications. 56 percent of American respondents stated that they were in support of allowing...

Global mobile internet user base will reach 2 billion in 2016, says IDC

Global Mobile Internet Population 2016 IDC Pc-Tablet Media
A research conducted by IDC revealed that more than two billion people are expected to make use of smartphones including tablets by the end of 2016. The report further states that India, China and Indonesia will be the prospective frontrunners to secure the first position...

Do not fall in trap of Free Basics from Facebook: It is not Free, it is a Scam!

trap of Free Basics from Facebook
Earlier called Internet.org, Free Basics is a misleading campaign by Facebook that is aimed at offering access to a limited number of Facebook-partnered websites and apps free of cost to the user. This campaign is promoted by Reliance in few states of India, namely...

Free Basics by Facebook FAQs: All you need to know about the campaign trying to F**K Net Neutrality!

The Internet.org initiative by Facebook was renamed to ‘Free Basics’ just ahead of PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Facebook HQ. According to Facebook, Free Basics is a service that provides free access to basic Internet services to people who cannot afford internet access. It claims to...

Now Google will keep you safe when you browse the web on Android smartphones

browse the web on Android smartphones
Hackers, phishers and cyber criminals can be a huge cause of concern for Android surfers who don’t want to fall prey to malware and viruses from dangerous websites. To make things easier for such unsuspecting victims, Google has come up with a unique solution...

India may overtake the US by Internet user numbers by the end of 2015

India is poised to end 2015 with 402 million Internet users, overtaking the U.S. whose Internet population is estimated at 300 million. A report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) in concert with IMRB International predicts that India’s Internet population will go...

Heavy Internet use may lead to high blood pressure in teens says research

We already know the pitfalls of internet addiction in teens. According to research, teens spending long hours on the web risk suffering from high blood pressure and obesity. The research also revealed that 43% of heavy internet users had high blood pressure. Another study said...

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