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Top 5 Indian Home Automation Brands Making Homes Smarter

Top 5 Indian Home Automation Brands Making Homes Smarter

As smart living gains momentum in India, several homegrown brands are making a mark in the home automation sector. Here’s a look at five standout brands that offer innovative and accessible ways to upgrade Indian homes.

  • Key Highlights
    • Indian brands offering affordable and advanced home automation solutions.
    • Focus on user-friendliness, security, and compatibility with other devices.
    • Options for controlling lighting, appliances, and security systems.

1. SmartNode

India-based SmartNode is entirely focused on home automation. They manufacture their products in-house, aiming to provide high-quality, user-friendly options. SmartNode emphasizes easy installation and affordability. “Smart Node is on a mission to bring world-class, made-in-India home automation solutions to every doorstep,” says a SmartNode representative.

2. Syska Smart Home

Syska Smart Home provides a range of smart home products like bulbs, switches, and sensors. They’re known for reliability and seamlessly working with popular voice assistants.

3. Oakter

Oakter caters to the Indian market with budget-friendly, yet advanced home automation products. Their lineup includes smart plugs, switches, and hubs for remote appliance control and creating routines.

4. Panasonic Smart Home

Panasonic offers a wide array of smart home devices for convenience, security, and energy saving. Their products include smart lighting, cameras, doorbells, and monitoring systems.

5. Wipro Smart Home

Wipro Smart Home aims to make home automation accessible with its affordable solutions. They offer smart lighting, cameras, sensors, and smart plugs. “With Wipro Smart Home Solutions, you can create a safer and energy-efficient home without breaking the bank,” says a Wipro spokesperson.

These Indian home automation brands are making it easier for homeowners to enjoy smarter, more secure, and more efficient homes.



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