TPV Technology Names Carol Anne Dias as New Managing Director for India

TPV Technology Limited, the largest LCD manufacturer globally, has appointed Carol Anne Dias as its new Managing Director for its AOC and Philips monitor divisions in India. In this role, Dias will focus on driving the company’s monitor business growth and expanding its reach in major Indian metro cities.

Key Highlights:

  • Carol Anne Dias is the new Managing Director for TPV Technology’s AOC and Philips operations in India.
  • The appointment aligns with TPV’s goal to meet local demands and expand its monitor solutions portfolio.
  • Dias will focus on promoting Philips and AOC monitors, including the high-performance gaming monitor brand AGON by AOC.
  • Her responsibilities include overseeing channel, retail, and sales networks, as well as marketing and distribution channels across India.
  • TPV Technology aims to capitalize on the growing Indian gaming monitor market, expected to reach US$ 235.53 million by 2033.
  • The company plans to introduce new monitor technologies, including 100Hz high speed Thunderbolt™ 4 and high refresh gaming monitors.
  • Carol Anne Dias brings over 22 years of experience in the technology and IT sector.

TPV Technology Names Carol Anne Dias as New Managing Director for India

Kevin Wu, General Manager – APMEA, expressed confidence in Dias’s abilities to lead the company’s Indian operations and strengthen its market presence, especially in the digital transformation and gaming monitor business. He highlighted her previous success in the Middle East and Africa, where she significantly increased market share with innovative monitor solutions.

The gaming monitor industry in India is experiencing significant growth, driven by the popularity of eSports, an increase in gamers, and the availability of affordable gaming displays. TPV Technology anticipates further success with its AGON by AOC brand, recognized as the world’s leading gaming monitor according to the Q3/2023 IDC Quarterly Gaming Tracker report.

Dias commented on her new role, emphasizing the importance of meeting the evolving demands of the Indian gaming market and her commitment to expanding the company’s gaming monitor portfolio. She also stressed the importance of providing high-quality and reliable gaming monitors to customers.

Dias’s extensive experience in the technology and IT industry includes leadership positions at Belkin International and Redington Gulf, where she demonstrated her capability in driving sales and market expansion. She holds an Economics degree from India.

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