Uno Minda Introduces Side Stand Sensors and Switches for Bikers in India

Uno Minda Introduces Side Stand Sensors and Switches for Bikers in India

Responding to the common yet hazardous mistake of forgetting to retract the bike’s side stand before riding off, Uno Minda has released a new line of side stand sensors and switches in the Indian Aftermarket. These sensors, using magnetic sensor technology, are aimed at enhancing road safety by preventing potential crashes due to deployed stands.

Key Highlights:

  • Uno Minda’s new sensors disengage the engine circuit if the side stand is not safely retracted.
  • The sensor’s console includes an LED indicator that signals when the side stand is deployed.
  • Mr. Anand Kumar, from Uno Minda, emphasized the company’s dedication to road safety and local production.
  • The sensors and switches have been tested extensively to ensure durability on challenging Indian terrains.
  • Available at major online and offline retailers, priced at MRP 172/- INR with a 2-year warranty.

Uno Minda Introduces Side Stand Sensors and Switches for Bikers in India

For many bikers in India, forgetting to retract the side stand can lead to severe injuries or even fatal accidents. Uno Minda’s new product aims to address this by using a mechanism that disengages the engine circuit when the side stand is in a risky position. Furthermore, to ensure the rider is continuously aware, the instrument console of the sensor lights up an LED indicator whenever the side stand is not safely retracted.

On the product’s launch, Mr. Anand Kumar, Head of Product & Strategy, Aftermarket Domain, Uno Minda Ltd., commented, “Uno Minda’s dedication to customer safety prompted the creation of these side stand sensors and switches. We recognize the significance of ‘Make in India’ and, as a domestic brand with over 65 years of innovation, prioritize road safety. While many bikes come with pre-installed side stand sensors, we’ve designed ours with a special focus on durability to suit India’s challenging terrains. Our commitment to local production not only boosts the Indian economy but ensures our products meet the highest standards.”

Uno Minda, a global OE switch manufacturer, has consistently shown its capability in producing compatible and high-quality solutions. The newly launched sensors and switches, designed to potentially save lives, blend seamlessly into the bike’s design without hindering its functionality.

Following intensive testing, including up to 3 Lacs cycles, Uno Minda guarantees a product that can endure varying weather conditions and the tough Indian roads. Their commitment is further exemplified by the product’s availability in all leading retail stores and a 2-year warranty from the manufacturing date.

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