Uno Minda Launches New Rear View Mirror to Enhance Road Safety

Uno Minda Launches New Rear View Mirror to Enhance Road Safety
 Discover Uno Minda's new 4 Wheeler Rear View Mirror, designed to enhance road safety and driving experience with its durable, shatterproof design. Available across India.

Uno Minda has introduced a new range of 4 Wheeler Rear View Mirrors in the Indian market, aimed at improving road safety and driving experience. This initiative comes as a response to the increasing importance of road safety in congested traffic conditions, where rear-end collisions are prevalent.

Key Highlights:

  • Enhanced Visibility:The mirrors provide drivers with a clear view of their surroundings, aiding in better navigation and maneuverability.
  • Shatterproof Design:Features high-quality convex glass for durability and safety.
  • Wide Compatibility:Compatible with various four-wheeler models, designed according to recommended standards.
  • Affordable Pricing:Available at a starting price of MRP 199/- INR across leading retail stores.

Recognizing the crucial role of rearview mirrors in accident prevention, Uno Minda’s latest product is designed with high-quality, shatterproof convex glass to ensure durability and safety. The mirror is compatible with a broad range of vehicle models and is aimed at promoting attentiveness and control for drivers.

Mr. Anand Kumar, Head of Product & Strategy at Uno Minda Ltd., highlighted the shift in consumer preferences towards safety features in vehicles. He noted the increasing trend of drivers prioritizing enhancements that contribute to safer driving experiences. The 4 Wheeler Rear View Mirror addresses this demand, offering a long-lasting solution to improve road safety.

Uno Minda, a leading supplier of automotive solutions since 1958, continues to innovate in the aftermarket segment. With a focus on safety and quality, the company offers a wide range of products across multiple categories, supporting safer and more reliable driving experiences for consumers.

For further details, interested parties can contact Advent Public Relations.

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