Home News vivo’s #SwitchOff Campaign: Fostering Family Bonds by Disconnecting

vivo’s #SwitchOff Campaign: Fostering Family Bonds by Disconnecting

vivo's #SwitchOff Campaign: Fostering Family Bonds by Disconnecting

In India, vivo has announced the fifth edition of their #SwitchOff campaign, set to take place on December 20, 2023. The initiative urges users to switch off their smartphones for an hour to strengthen family relationships. This move comes in response to growing concerns about the impact of excessive smartphone usage on parent-child relationships.

Key Highlights:

  • vivo introduces the fifth edition of the #SwitchOff campaign, encouraging users to switch off smartphones on December 20 to enhance family relationships.
  • The campaign is based on insights from the “Impact of Smartphones on Human Relationships 2023” study, revealing significant parent-child relationship strains due to excessive smartphone use.
  • A campaign film shows a father switching off his phone to give undivided attention to his daughter, symbolizing the campaign’s message.
  • vivo partners with Catherine Price, author and founder of ‘Screen/life Balance’, for crafting solutions to foster healthier smartphone relationships.
  • The vivo-CMR study indicates high percentages of parents and children feeling the adverse effects of smartphone overuse on family bonds, with a strong desire to improve these relationships.

vivo's #SwitchOff Campaign: Fostering Family Bonds by Disconnecting

The campaign is supported by a video conceptualized by FCB India, highlighting a family scenario where a child feels neglected due to her father’s constant phone use. The film culminates in a touching moment where the father turns off his phone to fully engage with his daughter, symbolizing the essence of the #SwitchOff initiative.

vivo’s commitment to this cause is further strengthened by their collaboration with Catherine Price, a renowned Health and Science Writer. Price, known for her work on balancing digital life, will assist vivo in developing strategies to encourage healthier smartphone use.

Geetaj Channana, Head of Corporate Strategy at vivo India, emphasizes the importance of balancing digital exposure with personal relationships. In line with this, vivo offers a personalized plan, in collaboration with Catherine Price, to help users find a balance between digital and personal life.

Abhinav Kaushik, President of FCB India, discusses the campaign’s focus on mitigating the adverse effects of smartphone use on family relationships. He notes the transformative potential of this initiative in changing the way smartphones are integrated into daily life, particularly in the context of familial bonds.

The recent vivo-CMR study underscores the urgency of addressing these issues. The report reveals disturbing statistics, such as 90% of parents feeling irritated by interruptions from their smartphone-engrossed children and 91% of children feeling lonelier due to their parents’ smartphone usage. Despite spending time together, the quality of parent-child interactions is often compromised by simultaneous smartphone use. However, there is a silver lining, as the study shows a strong mutual desire among parents and children to improve their relationships.



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