Xiaomi Retires a Beloved MIUI Feature Across Its Smartphone Range


Xiaomi is making significant changes to its MIUI interface, notably by removing a highly popular feature: the Screen On Time (SOT) display from both old and new devices running MIUI 13. This move has sparked considerable discussion among users who rely on the feature to monitor their device’s battery usage by tracking how long their screen has been active.

Key Highlights:

  • Xiaomi removed the Screen On Time feature with the introduction of MIUI 13.
  • The feature, which allows users to track their device’s battery life by displaying the duration the screen has been active, was briefly re-introduced before being removed again in MIUI 13-22.5.6.
  • Screen On Time is a crucial metric for assessing battery performance, typically offering 5 to 6 hours of SOT for mid-range devices.
  • The removal has left users puzzled, with speculation about the reasons behind this decision ranging from Xiaomi’s confidence in their battery’s performance to potential changes in Android 12.


What Was the Screen On Time Feature?

Screen On Time offered users a direct way to measure their device’s battery efficiency by displaying the cumulative time the screen had been active since the last full charge. It’s a valuable tool for managing battery life and understanding device usage patterns.

Why Was It Removed?

The specific reason behind Xiaomi’s decision to remove the Screen On Time feature remains unclear. Speculation suggests that Xiaomi may reintroduce it in a future UI update or that it could be related to changes in Android’s core features. Xiaomi’s action has left users hoping for its return in MIUI 13.5 or another future update, indicating the feature’s importance to the MIUI user experience.

This alteration in MIUI’s feature set reflects Xiaomi’s ongoing development and adjustment of its user interface, aligning with broader trends in mobile OS evolution and user experience design. Despite the lack of official explanation, the move has sparked discussions on user autonomy and the necessity of features that provide insights into device performance and usage.

The Core of the Matter

Screen On Time served as a direct metric for users to assess their device’s battery life, providing insights into how screen usage affects overall battery performance. Its removal has prompted a mixed reaction, with many questioning Xiaomi’s rationale behind this significant change.

A Broader Perspective on MIUI Developments

This change is part of Xiaomi’s ongoing efforts to refine and evolve its MIUI interface, demonstrating the company’s commitment to adapting its software to meet user needs and industry trends. However, this specific removal has sparked discussions on the balance between innovation and user dependence on established features.

Speculations and Future Expectations

While Xiaomi has not provided a clear explanation for the feature’s removal, the community hopes it will be reintroduced in future updates or possibly reimagined within the evolving MIUI ecosystem. This anticipation speaks to the feature’s value within the user community and its role in enhancing the MIUI experience.

The removal of the Screen On Time feature from MIUI has raised questions about Xiaomi’s strategy and priorities concerning user experience. While some may see it as a minor change, for many, it underscores the importance of transparent and user-centric design in operating systems. As Xiaomi continues to evolve MIUI, users will undoubtedly keep a keen eye on how these changes affect their daily interactions with their devices​​.


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