Apple Patents Spring Layer for Foldable iPhone Screen Durability

Apple Patents Spring Layer for Foldable iPhone Screen Durability

While Apple has not officially announced that it is developing a foldable iPhone, patents indirectly suggest that the company is exploring what features a foldable iPhone should have. According to a list published by the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO), another Apple patent related to the foldable iPhone screen has been approved and announced.

This patent introduces a new spring layer concept designed to reduce stress when folding. The spring layer consists of a metal spring array, and within this layer, force-sensing structures such as strain gauges are embedded. Various flexible metals can be used in the spring layer, including spring steel, nickel-chromium aluminum alloy, beryllium copper alloy, stainless steel, and cobalt-nickel alloy.

Apple claims that the introduction of a spring layer in foldable screen devices can provide relief from external pressures such as impacts and squeezing. It can also reduce stress on the screen during frequent bending and unfolding, thus enhancing the durability of foldable screen devices. Notably, a previous Apple patent also realized the potential of a self-healing screen, which could cover the screen with a layer of self-healing material to reduce creases and scratches.

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