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Bengaluru Launches AI-powered Traffic Management System

Bengaluru Launches AI-powered Traffic Management System

In an ambitious move to tackle its notorious traffic congestion, Bengaluru has introduced a cutting-edge AI-powered system, marking a significant leap towards transforming urban traffic management. The Bengaluru City Police have rolled out the ASTraM app (Actionable Intelligence for Sustainable Traffic Management), a solution designed to optimize traffic control and management through the use of artificial intelligence. This initiative positions Bengaluru at the forefront of adopting AI for urban mobility challenges.

Key Highlights

  • The launch of the ASTraM app is aimed at enhancing traffic management and reducing congestion in Bengaluru.
  • Features of the ASTraM app include ambulance tracking, special event management, incident reporting via a bot, dashboard analytics for law enforcement, and congestion alerts.
  • To complement the ASTraM app, 10 drone cameras have been deployed for real-time traffic monitoring during peak hours.

The ASTraM app, unveiled during Road Safety Awareness Week, promises holistic development in managing the city’s traffic woes. It offers a suite of features designed to streamline traffic flow and improve emergency response times:

  • Ambulance Tracking: Ensures ambulances navigate through congestion quickly, improving emergency services.
  • Special Event Management: Aids in managing traffic during large events, minimizing disruptions.
  • Incident Reporting using BOT: Allows citizens to report traffic incidents efficiently, ensuring rapid response.
  • Dashboard Analytics: Provides insights into traffic patterns, assisting law enforcement in making data-driven decisions.
  • Congestion Alerts: Sends real-time traffic congestion alerts every 15 minutes, enabling proactive traffic management.

Complementing the ASTraM app, the use of drone cameras enhances the city’s capability to monitor and respond to traffic conditions effectively.

AI for Smoother Traffic

One of the most notable AI implementations in Bengaluru is aimed at reducing traffic congestion. The city’s traffic department has incorporated an AI-driven application called ASTraM (Actionable Intelligence for Sustainable Traffic Management. This app uses real-time data and analytics to identify traffic bottlenecks, suggest optimal routes, and even adjust signal timings to optimize traffic flow.

AI for Water Conservation

Bengaluru’s water supply board (BWSSB) has also adopted AI to manage resources responsibly. Its AI-powered system, called ‘Ni’, monitors water extraction from borewells. Ni analyzes data to regulate pumping, prevent over-extraction, and ensure a continuous water supply while minimizing wastage.

AI for Jobseekers

To connect job seekers with relevant opportunities, Karnataka state has launched an AI-powered portal, the Karnataka Skill Connect Portal (KSCP). This platform acts as a bridge between employers and potential employees, facilitating job searches, skills matching, and even providing relevant upskilling modules.

The Future of AI in Bengaluru

The success of these early AI initiatives paves the way for broader adoption of AI in various sectors of Bengaluru’s governance. From waste management to healthcare service delivery, AI holds the potential to transform how the city functions, with the ultimate goal of creating a more efficient, sustainable, and livable urban environment.

This AI-powered approach to traffic management in Bengaluru exemplifies how technology can be leveraged to solve real-world problems, offering a model for other cities grappling with similar challenges.

This development represents a significant step forward in Bengaluru’s commitment to using technology for improving urban living standards and could serve as a benchmark for other cities worldwide.



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