Home News EVM EnSave SSD Wins at Device Next Awards 2023

EVM EnSave SSD Wins at Device Next Awards 2023

EVM EnSave SSD Wins at Device Next Awards 2023

EVM India has been awarded the ‘Best External Storage Drive Award’ for its EnSave External SSD at the Device Next Awards 2023. The award ceremony recognizes outstanding technology products that offer both high performance and value for money.

Key Highlights:

  • EVM EnSave SSD wins ‘Best External Storage Drive Award’ at Device Next Awards 2023.
  • Device Next Awards focus on technology products that combine performance with affordability.
  • The EnSave SSD is noted for its security features, including shock-proof technology and hardware encryption.
  • The product offers flexible connectivity and comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • EVM CEO Vishal Hundia highlights the SSD’s benefits for professionals in data management and large file transfers.

EVM EnSave SSD Wins at Device Next Awards 2023

The Device Next Awards are known for their rigorous criteria, emphasizing products that excel in innovation and cost-effectiveness. This approach aligns with the diverse requirements of the technology consumer base, positioning the awards as a reliable reference for gadget purchases.

The 4th Edition of the awards highlighted notable devices that impacted the tech industry in 2023. These awards serve as a platform for recognizing achievements in innovation, performance, and value, attracting attention from technology enthusiasts.

EVM’s EnSave SSD is distinguished by its commitment to security and versatility. It features advanced shock-proof technology and hardware encryption to secure sensitive content. The SSD also offers flexible connectivity options, including Type-C to Type-C and Type-C to Type-A USB cables, demonstrating EVM’s focus on versatility. The product’s robust 10-year warranty further underscores EVM’s dedication to durability and reliability.

Reacting to the award, Vishal Hundia, CEO of EVM India, emphasized the EnSave SSD’s role in addressing the challenges faced by professionals in data management and large file transfers. He pointed out that the EnSave SSD assists multimedia creators in overcoming data-related difficulties and supports them in achieving their creative objectives.

EVM’s recognition at the Device Next Awards 2023 highlights the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and reliable data storage solutions. For more details about the EnSave SSD and other products from EVM, interested individuals can visit their website at evmzone.com.


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