Home News Flipkart’s AI-Powered Skin Analyser Achieves High User Adoption

Flipkart’s AI-Powered Skin Analyser Achieves High User Adoption

Flipkart's AI-Powered Skin Analyser Achieves High User Adoption

Flipkart, in collaboration with ModiFace, has seen significant adoption of its AI-based Advanced Skin Analyser, designed to enhance the online skincare shopping experience. The feature, a first for ModiFace in the Indian e-commerce sector, offers personalized skincare recommendations using augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Key Highlights:

  • Advanced Skin Analyser utilizes AR and AI to provide personalized skincare insights and recommendations.
  • Available on Flipkart’s mobile app, catering to diverse shopper demographics.
  • The feature has contributed to a 21% increase in product conversion rates.

Flipkart's AI-Powered Skin Analyser Achieves High User Adoption

Flipkart, a prominent e-commerce platform in India, has reported strong user engagement with its Advanced Skin Analyser, developed in partnership with ModiFace, a leader in AR technology for the beauty industry. This tool marks ModiFace’s first venture into providing category-wide skin analysis technology for an Indian e-commerce platform. The feature is part of Flipkart’s effort to employ cutting-edge technology to enhance customer experience.

Customers increasingly seek personalized, data-driven shopping experiences, particularly in skincare, where products must align with individual skin types and concerns. Flipkart’s Advanced Skin Analyser, powered by ModiFace’s AI technology, aims to revolutionize skincare routines. The feature is accessible to all skin types and provides a comprehensive skin evaluation by analyzing a selfie and user-provided information about age and skin type. The analyser scores skin on various aspects, including pores, wrinkles, pigmentation, and more, offering tailored product recommendations for a complete skincare regimen.

Ravi Krishnan, Head of Flipkart Labs, emphasized the growing demand for personalized skincare solutions and the importance of providing suitable recommendations for different skin types. The Advanced Skin Analyser tool aims to address this need by offering customized skin assessments and product suggestions. This initiative is a part of Flipkart’s broader strategy to provide a more informed shopping experience.

Jennifer Tidy, EVP of Partnerships at ModiFace, also highlighted the significance of the Skin Analyser service. It empowers consumers to understand their skin better and receive product recommendations based on a personalized skin diagnostic. The tool’s AI algorithm is backed by extensive scientific research and has been validated with over 10,000 images, ensuring high accuracy in its recommendations.

The feature has not only been well-received by users, who typically spend around seven minutes from assessment to receiving product recommendations, but it has also significantly impacted sales. Flipkart observed a 21% increase in conversion rates for products associated with the Skin Analyser, indicating its effectiveness and user interest in this innovative tool.


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