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March 2024: Apple Set to Unveil Latest iPad and MacBook Air Models

Apple enthusiasts and tech industry observers are eagerly anticipating the end of March 2024, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple is set to launch an array of new products, including the latest iterations of the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and MacBook Air. This launch is particularly noteworthy as it follows a year without any new iPad hardware in 2023.

Key Highlights:

  • Apple is expected to launch new iPad and MacBook Air models by the end of March 2024.
  • The upcoming lineup includes a redesigned iPad Pro with OLED displays, a new iPad Air, and MacBook Air models with M3 chips.
  • The new iPad Air model is anticipated to feature a larger 12.9-inch screen, making high-end features more accessible.
  • The MacBook Air will maintain its design but be upgraded with the latest M3 chip.
  • Apple’s transition to OLED screens for iPads is a significant upgrade, offering richer colors and higher contrast.

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One of the most significant upgrades in the 2024 lineup is the transition of the iPad Pro to OLED displays. This marks a substantial improvement over previous models, offering users richer colors, higher contrast, and potentially improved battery efficiency.

iPad Air: Bigger Screen, Broader Appeal

The iPad Air is also getting a noteworthy update with a new model featuring a 12.9-inch screen. This move brings the large-screen experience, typically reserved for the higher-end iPad Pro, to the more affordable iPad Air range.

MacBook Air: Performance Boost with M3 Chip

On the MacBook front, Apple is set to update its MacBook Air models with the new M3 chip. The design remains unchanged, but the performance is expected to be significantly enhanced, keeping in line with Apple’s reputation for powerful, efficient computing.

Consumer Expectations and Industry Buzz

While there is considerable excitement about these new releases, some consumers have expressed a desire for more substantial upgrades, especially in terms of utilizing the power of Apple’s chips more effectively in the iPad OS. Nonetheless, the move to OLED displays and the introduction of the M3 chip are seen as major steps forward.

MacBook Air with M3: Power Meets Portability

The MacBook Air, known for its slim profile and portability, is anticipated to receive a significant performance boost with the incorporation of the M3 chip. This upgrade promises to bring enhanced processing power and improved energy efficiency, making the MacBook Air an even more attractive option for both professionals and casual users.

User Expectations and Market Impact

The anticipation surrounding these releases highlights the high expectations consumers have for Apple products. While the upgrades in display technology and processing power are welcomed, some users express a desire for more radical changes, particularly in terms of software capabilities and overall device functionality.


Apple’s March 2024 event is shaping up to be a significant moment for the tech giant, with major updates to some of its most popular products. The introduction of OLED displays in the iPad Pro and the expansion of the iPad Air’s screen size, along with the performance enhancements in the MacBook Air, are all developments that Apple users have been eagerly anticipating.



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