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MediaTek Unveils Innovations at MWC 2024

MediaTek Unveils Innovations at MWC 2024

MediaTek is set to present a range of technological advancements at MWC 2024, including demonstrations in satellite broadband, 5G enhancements, and the integration of Generative AI in video processing. The company will also highlight its contributions to the automotive industry, showcasing developments in Dimensity Auto and partnerships aimed at enriching vehicle safety and entertainment systems. MediaTek’s initiatives towards pre-6G technology and ambient computing will be part of the exhibition, indicating the company’s direction towards future connectivity and computing solutions. MediaTek devices, powered by collaborations with major global brands, will be on display, emphasizing the company’s role in driving innovation in the tech industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Demonstration of the first on-device Generative AI video diffusion using the Dimensity 9300 processor.
  • Expansion of auto industry collaborations, featuring safety and entertainment enhancements in vehicles.
  • Introduction of the T300 platform, a RedCap RFSoC platform aimed at 5G IoT and wearable devices.
  • New features for 5G CPE devices, showcasing improvements in uplink performance and user experience.
  • Preview of next-generation 5G-Advanced NR-NTN satellite test chip and pre-6G satellite broadband technologies.
  • Presentation of ambient computing concepts for private, seamless virtual personal networks and aggregated acceleration.

MediaTek Unveils Innovations at MWC 2024

At MWC 2024, Joe Chen, President of MediaTek, stated the company’s intention to demonstrate its growth in key product areas, including Generative AI, satellite broadband, and 5G technologies. MediaTek’s showcase includes the Dimensity 9300, featuring the first hardware-based Generative AI Engine, designed to enhance video diffusion performance significantly.

In the automotive sector, MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto platform, in partnership with OpenSynergy and ACCESS Twine4Car, aims to improve vehicle safety and entertainment through advanced processing and multi-screen services. The MediaTek T300 platform is introduced for IoT designers, focusing on 5G-NR applications in wearables and IoT modules, emphasizing low latency and power efficiency.

For 5G CPE devices, MediaTek’s T830 platform offers new enhancements for better performance and user experiences. Moreover, MediaTek continues to lead in satellite communication with the demonstration of its MT6825 chip and the next-generation 5G-Advanced NR-NTN technology, supporting high-throughput data over satellite networks.

The concept of 6G ambient computing was also introduced, outlining a future where personal networks are more private, seamless, and efficient, aiming to simplify home IoT management and improve network services through enhanced connectivity and computing capabilities.


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