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Meta Introduces AI Chatbot on Instagram and WhatsApp in India


Meta Platforms has begun testing its advanced AI chatbot, Meta AI, across its popular social platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp, in India. This new development aims to enhance user interaction by offering a range of AI-driven features, including conversational capabilities and creative tools like image generation and editing.

The chatbot is powered by Meta’s custom Llama 2 model and the latest large language model research, which also incorporates real-time information capabilities through a partnership with Microsoft Bing. This integration allows the AI to perform tasks such as providing customer support, scheduling appointments, and generating real-time web results, enhancing the functionality of Meta’s apps significantly.

Meta AI offers features like ‘restyle’ and ‘backdrop’ on Instagram, allowing users to alter their images through AI by using simple text prompts. These features reflect Meta’s ongoing efforts to enhance user engagement by integrating cutting-edge AI technology into everyday social media interactions​​.

Further, the chatbot is equipped with special versions, each represented by notable cultural figures, adding a unique twist to user interactions. This includes AI personas based on celebrities, providing users with a diverse range of AI characters to interact with.

Unique to Meta AI is the introduction of various AI personas that users can interact with directly on Instagram and WhatsApp. These personas are designed to be relatable and engaging, offering users a diverse range of interactions based on different characters, including some modeled after celebrities and cultural icons.

Additionally, Meta has launched new features such as ‘restyle’ and ‘backdrop’ on Instagram, which allow users to edit and generate images using simple text prompts. This marks a significant upgrade in the creative tools available to users, aiming to foster more creativity and personal expression through AI.

The rollout of these AI features is part of Meta’s broader strategy to integrate more sophisticated AI tools across its platforms, positioning itself as a leader in the evolving digital landscape where AI plays a crucial role in shaping online interactions and content creation.


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