Home News Noise Partners with Graffiti Artist Mooz for Buds N1 Campaign

Noise Partners with Graffiti Artist Mooz for Buds N1 Campaign

Noise Partners with Graffiti Artist Mooz for Buds N1 Campaign

In a recent initiative, Noise has collaborated with the graffiti artist Mooz to unveil its latest True Wireless Stereo (TWS), the Noise Buds N1, through a dynamic digital film. The film showcases Mooz’s artistic process, using the wall in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai as his canvas to reveal the design and features of the Noise Buds N1. This partnership merges art with technology, emphasizing the innovative aspects of the new product.

Key Highlights:

  • Noise collaborates with graffiti artist Mooz to showcase its new TWS, Noise Buds N1, in a digital film.
  • The film captures Mooz as he integrates the design elements of Noise Buds N1 into his graffiti art.
  • Set in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, the collaboration highlights the blend of creativity and technology.
  • Noise Buds N1 features up to 40 hours of playback time and a premium chrome design.
  • The digital film teases the upcoming sale of Noise Buds N1 starting 27th February.

Noise Partners with Graffiti Artist Mooz for Buds N1 Campaign

Noise, described as India’s leading connected lifestyle brand, has embarked on a collaboration with the well-known graffiti artist Mooz to spotlight its newest TWS, the Noise Buds N1, through an engaging digital film. This partnership is portrayed in the brand’s latest digital film, emphasizing the synergy between creativity and innovation that the Noise Buds N1 represents.

The digital film is set against the backdrop of a wall in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, and chronicles Mooz’s journey as he brings his artistic vision to life, influenced by the Noise Buds N1. Mooz’s distinctive style, combined with the bold chrome finish of the Noise Buds N1, is intricately depicted, with each brush stroke on the wall reflecting the product’s design in real-time.

Through this collaboration, Noise intends to fuse art with technology, aiming to produce something unique. The Noise Buds N1, engineered for exceptional sound quality and featuring a premium chrome design, aims to enhance users’ lifestyles with an advanced audio experience and a playback time of up to 40 hours. The TWS is ergonomically designed, offering features that are sought after in the segment.

As the Noise Buds N1 prepares for its market release on 27th February, the digital film provides a glimpse into what potential buyers can anticipate. Noise’s ongoing efforts to transform the connected living space are highlighted, with each innovation introduced.



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