Home News Samsung Launches First O2O Lifestyle Store in Mumbai

Samsung Launches First O2O Lifestyle Store in Mumbai

Samsung Launches First O2O Lifestyle Store in Mumbai

Samsung has inaugurated its first Online-to-Offline (O2O) lifestyle store, Samsung BKC, in Mumbai’s Jio World Plaza. This marks a significant move in the company’s retail strategy in India.

Key Highlights:

  • Samsung BKC, an 8,000 sq ft store, offers a blend of Samsung’s latest premium products and AI-enhanced experiences.
  • The store enables customers to pre-book the new Galaxy S24 series from January 23.
  • Featuring eight lifestyle zones, Samsung BKC aims to demonstrate the convenience of Samsung’s connected multi-device ecosystem.
  • The store integrates both online and offline shopping experiences, offering a digital catalogue and in-store assistance.
  • Samsung.com/in customers can pick up their online purchases from the store within two hours.
  • Special personalization options for products are available, including custom smartphone covers and refrigerator colors.
  • The store hosts various workshops and events as part of the Learn Samsung program.
  • A dedicated service center offers both online and offline appointment booking and same-day repair for Galaxy devices.

Samsung Launches First O2O Lifestyle Store in Mumbai

Samsung BKC: A New Retail Experience

Located in the central business hub of Bandra Kurla Complex, Samsung BKC is designed to showcase a wide range of Samsung’s premium products, from smartphones to home appliances, all integrated within Samsung’s AI ecosystem. The store is set to offer a unique shopping experience, combining the vast selection of an online digital catalogue with the personalized assistance of in-store staff.

Innovative Zones and Experiences

The store is divided into eight unique lifestyle zones, each designed to demonstrate how Samsung’s products can enhance different aspects of daily life. These include:

  • The Hobby Room for an immersive mobile gaming experience.
  • A Home Office setup showcasing big screens and smart monitors.
  • The Home Atelier, where technology transforms homes into art galleries or yoga studios.
  • The Home Café and Connected Kitchen, highlighting bespoke refrigerators and AI-enabled appliances.
  • An Intelligent Closet featuring AI-enabled washing machines and energy management insights.
  • The Private Cinema with a 110-inch MicroLED TV for a complete home theater experience.
  • The Mobile Zone showcasing Samsung’s flagship devices, including the Galaxy S24 series.

Samsung Launches First O2O Lifestyle Store in Mumbai

Engagement and Personalization

Aiming to cater to the preferences of Gen Z and millennials, Samsung BKC offers various personalization options. These include customizing smartphone covers at the Creator’s Workshop and tailoring the color of bespoke refrigerators to match home decor.

Services and Promotions

The store also includes an integrated service center for both online and offline appointment bookings, offering same-day repair for Galaxy devices. Customers purchasing SmartThings enabled products receive complimentary setup and installation services. Promotional offers include loyalty points, discounts on select products, and special benefits for corporate customers.

Samsung Launches First O2O Lifestyle Store in Mumbai

Statement from Samsung

Mr. JB Park, President & CEO of Samsung Southwest Asia, emphasized the store’s focus on providing unique experiences and interactions with Samsung’s wide range of connected devices. He mentioned that Samsung BKC would also host Learn Samsung workshops, integrating Samsung’s innovations with consumer passions.

In summary, Samsung BKC represents a new era in retail shopping, blending online convenience with immersive, hands-on experiences in a high-end retail setting.


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