Home News Sony India Unveils Lightweight 300mm Telephoto Prime Lens

Sony India Unveils Lightweight 300mm Telephoto Prime Lens

Sony India Unveils Lightweight 300mm Telephoto Prime Lens

Sony India has announced the release of their new 300 mm telephoto prime lens, the G Master FE 300mm F2.8 GM OSS. This lens is recognized for being the lightest in its category as of November 2023, according to a Sony survey of interchangeable 300 mm F2.8 lenses for full-frame digital cameras. Weighing approximately 1470g (excluding tripod mount), it offers a balanced and lightweight design, facilitating handheld shooting for dynamic subjects like sports and wildlife.

Key Highlights:

  • The G Master FE 300mm F2.8 GM OSS is noted for its high-resolution imaging and attractive bokeh.
  • Features high-performance autofocus and supports high-speed continuous shooting with AE/AF tracking up to 120 frames per second.
  • Exceptional mobility and user-friendly design, making it ideal for professional use in various fields.

Sony India Unveils Lightweight 300mm Telephoto Prime Lens

The lens is equipped with an advanced autofocus system and supports high-speed, high-precision AF performance. Its compatibility with the upcoming Alpha 9 III allows for high-speed continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking up to 120 frames per second. The lens is also adaptable with optional teleconverters, extending its telephoto range up to 600 mm, or 900 mm when used with an APS-C camera.

Mukesh Srivastava, Head of Digital Imaging Business at Sony India, shared, “With the introduction of this new lens, we aim to cater to the diverse needs and shooting scenarios of both professional and advanced amateur photographers.”

The lens incorporates Sony’s latest technology, offering high-resolution performance and beautiful bokeh, making it suitable for various photography genres. It includes three Super ED glass elements and one ED glass element to minimize chromatic aberration and ensure high resolution and contrast across the entire frame.

The lens’s 300 mm focal length and F2.8 maximum aperture contribute to its ability to produce a narrow depth of field and standout subjects. An 11-blade circular aperture mechanism enhances the bokeh quality, with each lens being individually calibrated during manufacture.

In terms of operability, the FE 300mm F2.8 GM OSS is designed for ease of use and stability in handheld shooting. Its internal lens barrel is made of magnesium alloy, balancing robustness and light weight. The lens also supports MODE3 for enhanced viewfinder stability and optimized image stabilization.

With the Alpha 9 III, photographers can assign “preset focus” to the function ring for instant focus adjustments. The lens also features four focus hold buttons for customizable functions.

The FE 300mm F2.8 GM OSS is available across Sony Center, Alpha Flagship stores, authorized dealers, e-commerce websites, and major electronic stores in India.


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