Home News WhatsApp Rolls Out Meta AI Chatbot to Select Users in India

WhatsApp Rolls Out Meta AI Chatbot to Select Users in India

WhatsApp Rolls Out Meta AI Chatbot to Select Users in India

WhatsApp, the popular messaging service owned by Meta Platforms, has started rolling out an advanced AI chatbot named Meta AI to selected users in India. This new feature, part of a broader initiative to integrate AI across Meta’s suite of apps, allows users to interact with a sophisticated conversational assistant within the app.

The Meta AI chatbot, developed using Meta’s latest large language model research and in collaboration with Microsoft’s Bing Chat, is designed to perform a variety of tasks. These tasks range from providing customer support and scheduling appointments to delivering real-time information and generating photorealistic images from text prompts.

To access the AI chatbot, users of the latest WhatsApp beta version can tap a new shortcut button conveniently located above the ‘New Chat’ button on the app’s main screen. This easy access is designed to Meta’s, allowing for a seamless experience without needing to navigate through the contact list.

This rollout in India follows an initial introduction in the United States and reflects Meta’s strategy to enhance user engagement through AI-powered tools. The chatbot also supports image generation, similar to other AI tools like OpenAI’s DALL-E and Adobe’s Firefly, providing users with the ability to generate images directly from text commands.

Moreover, Meta has integrated this AI not only in WhatsApp but also across other platforms including Instagram and Facebook Messenger, and plans to extend it to devices like Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3 VR headsets.

To use the Meta AI chatbot, users in India need to ensure they have the latest version of WhatsApp. They can start a chat with Meta AI by tapping the new AI button or by typing @Meta AI in any chat window, followed by their query. This approach to AI integration signifies Meta’s commitment to enhancing digital communication and providing users with a more dynamic and responsive platform.

As AI technology continues to evolve, Meta’s implementation within WhatsApp signifies a major step towards transforming how users interact with apps, making digital communication more interactive and versatile.



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