Home News XECH Introduces ‘Cerebro’: India’s Innovative Head-Eye-Neck Massager

XECH Introduces ‘Cerebro’: India’s Innovative Head-Eye-Neck Massager

XECH Introduces 'Cerebro': India's Innovative Head-Eye-Neck Massager

XECH, a consumer tech company based in Mumbai, has announced the launch of ‘Cerebro’, an innovative product in the field of relaxation technology. Cerebro is designed to provide a comprehensive massage experience, targeting the eyes, neck, and head. This product marks a significant development in massage technology, aiming to alleviate stress and enhance relaxation for its users.

Key Highlights:

  • Cerebro is a multifunctional massager targeting the head, eyes, and neck.
  • It offers four massage modes, catering to individual relaxation needs.
  • Features include adjustable sizing, USB C rechargeable battery, and a futuristic design.
  • The product is intended for a wide range of users, including professionals, students, and homemakers.
  • Available for purchase on the XECH website and Amazon.

XECH Introduces 'Cerebro': India's Innovative Head-Eye-Neck Massager

XECH Cerebro’s design incorporates a unique approach to massage technology. It features four massage modes, each carefully designed to cater to different relaxation needs. The massager is adaptable in size, ensuring a comfortable fit for a variety of users. Additionally, its USB C rechargeable battery facilitates ease of use, making the product convenient for on-the-go relaxation.

Pranay Punjabi, the Founder of XECH, expressed his enthusiasm for Cerebro, highlighting its innovative design and functionality. He described the product as a transformative tool for stress relief and relaxation. According to Punjabi, the massager has garnered significant interest and is expected to be well-received by consumers.

Cerebro is particularly geared towards urban professionals, students, homemakers, and tech enthusiasts. It offers a holistic relaxation experience, fitting effortlessly into various lifestyles. The device is designed for use after long workdays, during study breaks, or as part of a regular wellness routine. It promises a quick and effective 15-minute massage session, making relaxation accessible anytime, anywhere.

The product’s availability on the XECH website and Amazon provides customers with a convenient purchasing option. The massager is priced starting at INR 15,999, with a 1-year warranty included.

Annexure – Product Details: XECH Cerebro’s key features include tailored massage modes, a design that allows interaction with surroundings during use, adjustable sizing for comfort, and a USB C rechargeable battery for mobility. The device’s design is futuristic, complementing the relaxation experience. It includes an integrated speaker for music and a microphone for taking calls without removing the massager. The operation is simplified with a one-button system, and each massage cycle lasts 15 minutes. The massager is priced at INR 29,999, with cost options starting at INR 15,999. Customers can find more information and purchase options on the XECH website, Amazon, and the product’s YouTube channel.


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