Yaber Pro U6: A New Era in Portable Projector Technology

Origin Marketing has announced the release of the Yaber Pro U6, a 4K Mini Android Projector, aiming to enhance portable entertainment. This device is designed to provide a high-quality cinematic experience in any setting, featuring 4K resolution support, a high brightness level, and extensive connectivity options.

Key Highlights:

  • Supports up to 500” screen size with a native 1080p resolution and 4K video capability.
  • Offers a brightness of 15,000 lumens for clear viewing in various lighting conditions.
  • Long-lasting lamp life of 200,000 hours, utilizing SmarEco technology for durability.
  • Includes automatic keystone correction and a 50%-100% zoom function for flexible image alignment and size adjustment.
  • Features seamless connectivity with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.1, plus a built-in Android system offering access to over 7,000 apps.
  • Available at a competitive price on Amazon.in and originshop.co.in.

Yaber Pro U6: A New Era in Portable Projector Technology

Origin Marketing introduces the Yaber Pro U6 4K Mini Android Projector, aiming to revolutionize portable entertainment. The projector boasts a 1920x1080p native resolution, capable of delivering 4K video, and is designed for versatile use, from home cinemas to professional presentations. Its notable features include a giant screen projection of up to 500 inches, a brightness of 15,000 lumens, and an impressive lamp life of up to 200,000 hours. The device also offers upgraded keystone correction and zoom capabilities, along with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.1 for seamless content streaming from a variety of devices. Additionally, the built-in Android system enhances its functionality, providing access to thousands of apps and media content. Manish Gupta, Director of Origin Marketing, emphasizes the projector’s role as a significant advancement in viewing technology, offering both convenience and quality. The Yaber Pro U6 is now available for purchase at a competitive price, making advanced projection technology accessible to a wider audience.

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