You Can Now Reply to Instagram Notes with New ‘Prompts’ Feature

Explore Instagram's new 'Prompts' feature for Notes, designed to enhance interactions by allowing users to respond to prompts directly within their DMs.

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Instagram has introduced a new feature for its Notes section aimed at enhancing user interaction. This update brings ‘Prompts’ to Instagram Notes, allowing users to engage more dynamically with their network. Here’s what you need to know about this feature.

Instagram’s ‘Prompts’ are designed to facilitate more engaging conversations directly from the Notes feature in users’ DMs. When a user adds a Prompt to their Note, it encourages others to respond, fostering interaction. These Prompts can be viewed and responded to from within the DM section of the app.

Understanding Instagram’s Notes Prompts

Initially launched as a simple method for sharing brief thoughts with selected friends and followers, Instagram’s Notes feature has evolved to include ‘Notes Prompts.’ This update encourages users to interact through themed prompts, fostering a more connected and interactive community experience. These prompts are designed to initiate conversations and provide a creative outlet for expression on the platform.

User Experience

The interface for this feature is straightforward. Users will see the number of responses a Prompt has received, and by tapping on it, they can read all the responses. This makes the Notes section a more interactive space within Instagram.

How It Works

Users can find the new prompts feature at the top of their Instagram inbox, where they can select followers or close friends to share their responses with. These prompts are intended to be casual and spontaneous, making it easier for users to share and engage without the need for polished content. Responses to these prompts appear in the recipient’s inbox and can be replied to directly via direct messages (DMs), maintaining the conversation flow.

Additional Features and Enhancements

Alongside the introduction of Notes Prompts, Instagram has also rolled out other features to enhance user experience and engagement. These include the ability to turn photos into custom stickers, integrate mood blurbs in updates, and more interactive options for replying to Notes, such as using photos, videos, and stickers


Currently, the feature is being rolled out globally and is expected to reach all users soon. This update aligns with Instagram’s ongoing efforts to enhance interaction within the app and make social connections more vibrant.

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