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Instagram photos can reveal a lot about mental status

Instagram photo
A new study conducted by Chris Danforth of the University of Vermont and Andrew Reece of Harvard University reveals that photos posted on social media can reflect a person's mental status. The pair has created a machine that checks Instagram photos to formulate a...

How to use Instagram Stories: Complete guide for beginners

Instagram Stories
Instagram updated the app recently with a new feature called "Instagram Stories." This feature adds the functionality to share stories with friends which automatically gets cleared out in 24 hours and won't appear on your profile or feed. You can save them to your...

Facebook, Instagram and NBC team up for Rio Olympics 2016

facebook rio olympics 2016
Facebook and Instagram have collaborated with NBC to cover and broadcast the 2016 Summer Rio Olympics that is going to start this month in Rio De Janerio, Brazil. To get real time videos, a Social Command Center has been set up in the city. A...

Instagram Stories is originally Snapchat’s signature feature

instagram stories
Facebook has integrated the Stories feature for Instagram reportedly borrowed from Snapchat in a bid to target the rival over a failed $3 billion takeover attempt. If you had worked with Snapchat, you would have come across the Stories feature, which was not only popular but...

Instagram hits 500 million users, claims over 300 million daily users

A total of 300 million people uses Instagram on a daily basis whereas Instagram is used by over 500 million people every month. This statement was issued by the company who informed that more than 80 percent of the app users are located outside the...

Instagram offers Two-Factor Authentication for Customers who care more for security

Instagram users may have experienced the new way to login to their photo-sharing accounts. In fact, the news that a two-factor authentication has been implemented was only confirmed by the Facebook-owned company after users started to notice the change. In order to access your Instagram...

Instagram multiple account support arrives on Android, iOS

As speculated, Instagram officially received multiple account support on Android and iOS. Initially rolled out to select users in the testing phase, multiple account support is available for Instagram's 7.15 for iOS and is available in the official App store. With the introduction of multiple...

Instagram might soon allow users to manage and switch between multiple accounts

Instagram is currently testing a new feature that allows users to switch between multiple accounts on its iOS app. However, few users have already started to work with the new feature on Thursday after the latest update was out to few select users. The company...

Facebook chooses India for its maiden Instagram Photo Exhibition starting 7th January

Facebook is set to hold its first ever Instagram photo exhibition in the Indian state of West Bengal. The event is slated to start on 7th January and mostly community-themed images will be on display. Source of the Images At the Indian Council for Cultural Relations...

Instagram for Android app brings back the Peek feature in latest update

Instagram Peek Feature Android-Pc-Tablet Media
After introducing Peek feature on Android app, Instagram pulled it off for security reasons. Now, the company seem to be rolling it out (again), as users are now getting the feature back in v7.14.0, the latest version of the app on Android. If you are not aware, Peek Feature is...

Security researcher at Facebook accused of unethical practices, got almost fired for finding bug in Instagram

Security researcher at Facebook accused of unethical practices
Security researcher, Wesley Wineberg, who uncovered a major Instagram hole, faced accusations from Facebook Inc. for going beyond his ethical standards. Wesley Wineberg was hired for accessing the server of Instagram and reporting possible bugs. Earlier, he was associated with other companies in their bug...

8 Genuine Ways to Increase Your Social Media Followers

Ways to Increase Your Social Media Followers
In the recent years, we have come a long way, from blackboards to white computer screen, from glasses to Google glasses, from feelings to feedback. Thanks to all the technological advancements! Human has always felt the thrift for approval. In good olden days, our status...

Instagram can prove useful in monitoring drinking habits of teenagers

Instagram can assist monitoring drinking habits
A team of researchers from the University of Rochester has devised a simple and easy method to find underage drinking patterns as compared to conventional surveys. The method involves using photos and text from Instagram. The method not only exposes the patterns of underage...

Instagram now allows users to share pictures in Landscape and Portrait Modes

Facebook, the leading social interactivity giant, adds different picture shooting modes in Instagram (acquired in 2014 by the company for $1 billion) in order to prevent the deflection of its users to other potent players like Snapchat. It also allows to capture the interest...

Instagram introduces Web Search for desktop users

Popular mobile photo-sharing service Instagram has introduced a new feature of web search this week on 22nd July, exclusively for desktop users. The feature will allow users to search information on Instagram, just like with any other websites. The Facebook owned service was much mobile oriented,...

Major design overhaul hits Instagram, enlarges photos on the desktop site

Major design overhaul hits Instagram, enlarges photos on the desktop site
The popular online photo-sharing social networking service, Instagram has just got a major design and visual overhaul on the desktop site. Starting today, your photos on the desktop of Instagram will look much bigger, smooth and elegant than ever before. Frankly, browsing the Instagram website...

Instagram to open platform to advertisers

Facebook Inc. owned photo sharing service Instagram has today opened its platform to all marketers and the ads would be available to all types of business. Instagram introduced ads a year and half back in their system. Instagram’s ad platform was a closed one wherein...

Instagram introduces endless Looping while playing Videos

Major design overhaul hits Instagram, enlarges photos on the desktop site
Popular photo sharing application Instagram has just introduced a small new feature to its iOS application. From now on, all videos shared on Instagram will keep playing on an endless loop. The feature was previously rolled out to the app's Android version. With the new...

Twitter still bigger than Instagram, but Facebook still the most popular

Instagram reported in December last year that its total number of monthly users surpassed 300 million. This was a big news mostly because at that time, Twitter's monthly user count was 284 million. Instagram outnumbered Twitter in terms of monthly user count and it...

LizardSquad strikes Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and other apps

The most popular social network in the world that has the maximum number of online users at any given time experienced a wide outage for a short span on Tuesday. Many users across the world were unable to log-in on their accounts at the...

Instagram Website Reputation Hit following InstLike Scam

Major design overhaul hits Instagram, enlarges photos on the desktop site
It’s not so surprising to find that even today some sort of bogus, fraudulent scams still work and succeed in tricking people. Those, having learned from their mistakes know and have programmed themselves to avoid falling prey to such spams or nefarious tactics of...

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