Home News Accio Robotics Set to Unveil “AccioPick Air” at LogiMAT India

Accio Robotics Set to Unveil “AccioPick Air” at LogiMAT India

Accio Robotics Set to Unveil "AccioPick Air" at LogiMAT India

Accio Robotics is preparing to reveal its new product, “AccioPick Air,” at LogiMAT India on 28th February 2024. This goods-to-person solution is designed to improve the standards of performance, efficiency, and reliability in order picking processes within warehouses.

Key Highlights:

  • The unveiling event is scheduled for 28th February 2024 at LogiMAT India.
  • “AccioPick Air” is a goods-to-person solution aimed at enhancing order picking efficiency.
  • The technology builds upon existing systems to further improve warehouse performance metrics.
  • Targeted industries include E-Commerce, E-Grocery, Pharma, Auto Ancillary, and Electronic Components.
  • Accio Robotics has plans for commercialization in FY 2024-25 and aims for expansion into international markets including the United States, Europe, Middle East, India, and Australia.

Accio Robotics Set to Unveil "AccioPick Air" at LogiMAT India

Accio Robotics’ latest product, “AccioPick Air,” seeks to enhance the capabilities of current goods-to-person systems, addressing the critical need for rapid order fulfillment and the reduction of costs for fulfillment companies and warehouses. Designed with the challenges of modern logistics and supply chain management in mind, “AccioPick Air” represents a step forward in warehouse automation technology.

Tuhin Sharma, Co-Founder of Accio Robotics, highlighted the company’s strategy for commercialization and international market expansion. With a focus on sectors that demand quick and efficient order fulfillment, such as E-Commerce, E-Grocery, and Pharma, as well as manufacturing sectors like Auto Ancillary and Electronic Components, Accio Robotics is poised to meet the growing need for advanced robotics solutions in warehousing. The company’s expansion plans are set to cover key global markets, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Australia, where the demand for improved warehouse robotics solutions is on the rise.



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