Home News Acer Advances Climate Change Fight with New Initiatives

Acer Advances Climate Change Fight with New Initiatives

Acer Advances Climate Change Fight with New Initiatives

Acer Inc., a renowned information and communications technology company, recently revealed its “Conscious Technology” vision at a press conference in Dubai. This vision focuses on developing technology with future sustainability in mind. The company showcased its latest efforts in climate change mitigation, including unveiling two new energy storage solutions and a climate exhibition featuring innovative technology and product concepts. Notably, Acer’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its pledge to source 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Key Highlights:

  • Acer’s “Conscious Technology” vision aims to integrate sustainability into technological development.
  • The company commits to 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and net-zero emissions by 2050.
  • Unveiled new energy storage solutions and a climate-focused exhibition in Dubai.
  • Acer’s Vero line and Earthion platform highlight its dedication to using recycled materials and reducing logistics emissions.
  • The company’s initiatives include the Project Humanity and a focus on circular economies.

Acer Advances Climate Change Fight with New Initiatives

Acer Inc. has taken a significant step in its journey towards environmental responsibility by introducing its “Conscious Technology” vision. This initiative, announced in Dubai, aims to integrate sustainability into the company’s technological developments. Acer’s commitment to the environment is further emphasized by its participation in the RE100 initiative, with a goal to use 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Acer’s approach to tackling climate change involves various strategic actions. Notably, 60% of its critical suppliers have committed to RE100 or have set science-based carbon reduction targets. The company is working towards using 20-30% post-consumer recycled plastic in its computers and monitors by 2025, having already achieved a 17% use in 2022.

At the event, Acer showcased its Vero line of products, which are made with a high percentage of recycled materials. The company also highlighted its Project Humanity initiative, designed to educate and unite employees globally to adopt greener practices. Furthermore, the Earthion platform was presented, demonstrating Acer’s effort to bring together supply chain partners to address environmental challenges through innovative solutions. This includes reducing emissions in sea logistics through the use of biofuel and researching sustainable packaging materials.

Acer’s Chairman and CEO, Jason Chen, emphasized the urgency of adopting renewable energy to combat climate change. He highlighted the company’s progress, with 44% of its electricity usage in 2022 coming from renewable sources. Chen stressed the importance of solar and wind power in energy storage technology and Acer’s commitment to circular economies.

In addition to these efforts, Acer is expanding its role in the energy storage industry, providing solutions for various applications, from household to industrial uses. The company’s investment in battery cell technologies has led to the unveiling of new energy storage solutions, extending its portfolio in the sector.

The exhibition in Dubai, titled “Conscious Technology for a Brighter Tomorrow,” further illustrates Acer’s ongoing commitment to climate change mitigation. The showcase includes products and services designed with sustainability in mind, spread across four lifestyle concepts: Working, Learning, Moving, and Living. These concepts cover a range of initiatives, from on-demand subscription services for Acer products to tools aiding in urban planning and micro-mobility infrastructure.

Through these diverse initiatives, Acer demonstrates a comprehensive approach to tackling environmental challenges, underlining its role as a leader in integrating sustainability with technology.


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