Home News Airtel Unveils Automated Global Interconnect Platform ‘Airtel Advantage’

Airtel Unveils Automated Global Interconnect Platform ‘Airtel Advantage’

Airtel Unveils Automated Global Interconnect Platform 'Airtel Advantage'

Gurugram, India – In a significant development for global telecommunications, Bharti Airtel has introduced a new digital platform named ‘Airtel Advantage’. This platform is designed to offer an array of global interconnect solutions to carriers, enabling them to establish connections rapidly and with minimal complexity.

Key Highlights:

  • Bharti Airtel has launched ‘Airtel Advantage’, a digital platform for global interconnect solutions.
  • The platform simplifies the process for carriers to set up voice and SMS services and future offerings like DID and ITFS.
  • ‘Airtel Advantage’ facilitates faster carrier onboarding, reducing the need for complex procedures and paperwork.
  • Customers will have access to real-time traffic statistics and analytical insights.
  • The service aims to provide transparent, agile, and reliable connectivity options for global carriers.

Airtel Unveils Automated Global Interconnect Platform 'Airtel Advantage'

Airtel, a prominent player in the Indian telecom sector, has rolled out what it calls a unified and automated one-stop destination. This service is particularly noteworthy as it is the first of its kind to be initiated by an Indian telecom carrier. It encompasses a broad spectrum of services including International Voice, A2P, P2A, P2P SMS, Direct Inward Dialing (DID), and International Toll Free Service (ITFS). The platform’s introduction promises to allow global carrier partners to fulfill their connectivity needs with unprecedented ease and speed.

At the heart of ‘Airtel Advantage’ is the simplification of historically complex interconnect processes. By cutting down on the red tape and protracted procedures traditionally associated with telecom interconnects, the platform ensures quicker customer onboarding. Furthermore, it provides a clear window into operational data through a customizable analytics dashboard, affording clients real-time insights into their traffic statistics.

As of its launch, ‘Airtel Advantage’ will primarily support International Voice and SMS services, with plans to expand to DID and ITFS in the near future.

The platform is not only a technological leap but also offers a user-friendly interface. Carriers looking to leverage the service can easily sign up by visiting the dedicated online portal. This simplicity extends to international carriers as well; for example, a partner in London can swiftly set up interconnections with Airtel to augment its customer reach globally.

Vani Venkatesh, CEO – Global Business, Airtel Business, stated, “The next-gen platform will place the power in their hands to find a solution of their choice and deploy it, all in a matter of hours.” Venkatesh emphasized the transformative potential of ‘Airtel Advantage’, highlighting its transparency, agility, reliability, and the ease it brings to conducting business.

Airtel Business, boasting over 1,200 global carrier partnerships, has cemented its status as a leading and reliable provider of ICT services in India. With a network infrastructure that includes strategically positioned submarine cables and satellite networks extending over 400,000 Rkms across multiple continents and 50 countries, Airtel is well-equipped to facilitate global connectivity.

For additional information about ‘Airtel Advantage’ and other services provided by Airtel Business, interested parties can visit their official website.



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