Home News Apple Days Sale at Vijay Sales: A Comprehensive Guide to iPhone Deals

Apple Days Sale at Vijay Sales: A Comprehensive Guide to iPhone Deals

Apple Days Sale at Vijay Sales

Vijay Sales, a prominent Indian electronics retailer, is currently hosting its much-anticipated Apple Days Sale. This event offers substantial discounts on a range of Apple products, including the latest iPhone models. Customers can avail themselves of markdowns on various devices, making it an ideal time for Apple enthusiasts to upgrade or purchase new gadgets.

Key Highlights from the Sale

  • iPhone 15 Series: The latest iPhone 15 models are available at significant discounts. The base model of the iPhone 15, originally priced at ₹79,990, is now available for ₹70,990, with an additional HDFC bank credit card discount bringing it down to ₹66,990​​.
  • Older iPhone Models: Discounts aren’t limited to the latest models. The iPhone 13, for example, which holds a significant appeal among consumers, is also part of the sale. It’s priced at ₹51,820 with an additional ₹1,000 off for HDFC bank card users, making the final price ₹50,820.
  • MacBook Deals: There are also attractive offers on MacBooks. The MacBook Air with the M1 chipset, originally priced at ₹79,990, is now available for ₹74,900 after applying the HDFC bank discount​​.
  • iPad and Apple Watch Offers: iPads and Apple Watches are also included, with the iPad 9th generation and the Apple Watch Series 9 receiving considerable price reductions during this sale period​.

Storewide Benefits

Apart from price reductions, Vijay Sales offers an exchange bonus of up to ₹10,000 on old devices, making it a lucrative deal for those looking to trade in their older gadgets for new ones. Additionally, customers using HDFC bank cards can enjoy extra discounts, further lowering the costs of these premium devices​.

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Sale Duration and Availability

The Apple Days Sale is available across all Vijay Sales outlets as well as their online store, providing flexibility for customers to shop either in-person or from the comfort of their homes. The extension of the sale period allows more customers to benefit from the deals on offer​.

The Apple Days Sale at Vijay Sales presents a fantastic opportunity for Apple product enthusiasts to acquire their favorite gadgets at reduced prices. With a wide range of products on offer and additional benefits like exchange bonuses and bank discounts, it is an event that tech consumers wouldn’t want to miss.

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