Home News Before the Storm: Jared Goldsmith’s ‘All Before GTA 6’ Captures Fan Excitement

Before the Storm: Jared Goldsmith’s ‘All Before GTA 6’ Captures Fan Excitement

Jared Goldsmith's 'All Before GTA 6' Captures Fan Excitement

The gaming community’s excitement over Rockstar Games’ upcoming release, GTA 6, has reached unprecedented levels. Scheduled for a fall 2025 launch, fans have been eagerly awaiting any snippets of information or entertainment related to the game.

Jared Goldsmith’s “All Before GTA 6” Song

In a creative response to the prolonged anticipation, Instagram user Jared Goldsmith (@jaredbgoldsmith) turned the popular “before GTA 6” meme into a catchy song titled “All Before GTA 6.” Released on June 26, 2024, just a day after the unveiling of Grand Theft Auto Online’s Bottom Dollar Bounties update, the song quickly gained traction. It humorously reflects on notable trends across movies, gaming, and general culture in recent years.

Social Media Buzz and Fan Reactions

The song has resonated deeply with fans, showcasing Goldsmith’s vocal talents and wit. Instagram user @wander_starkyd and others praised the song’s humor and Goldsmith’s musical prowess. Over on Reddit, user u/SiebelReddiT shared the track, sparking lively discussions among fans. Speculation even arose about whether Rockstar Games’ own employees had caught wind of the song.

The Road Ahead for GTA 6

Despite these fan-made diversions, the wait for GTA 6 continues. Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, confirmed its release timeline during their May 2024 earnings call. As fans gear up for the game’s eventual release, they can anticipate more official updates from Rockstar Games, possibly including new trailers and screenshots. If past patterns hold, a second trailer for GTA 6 could drop as early as November or December 2024, providing further glimpses into the highly anticipated title.

As the countdown to 2025 and the release of GTA 6 continues, fans find unique and creative ways to bridge the gap. Jared Goldsmith’s song “All Before GTA 6” not only encapsulates the shared anticipation but also brings the community together in celebration of gaming culture. Whether it’s through music, memes, or discussion, the enthusiasm for GTA 6 remains a testament to the enduring legacy and impact of the Grand Theft Auto series.


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