Home News OnePlus Watch 3 Surfaces on TENAA Certification, Launch Appears Imminent

OnePlus Watch 3 Surfaces on TENAA Certification, Launch Appears Imminent

OnePlus Watch 3 Surfaces on TENAA Certification, Launch Appears Imminent

The upcoming OnePlus smartwatch, likely to be named the OnePlus Watch 3, has made a notable appearance on the TENAA certification website in China. This listing provides a glimpse into the potential design and features of this anticipated wearable device.

Key Design Details Revealed

The TENAA listing, often a reliable source for upcoming product details, showcases a circular dial for the OnePlus Watch 3. This aligns with design trends seen in many popular smartwatches. Additionally, the render reveals two push buttons on the right side of the watch, presumably for navigation and control functions.

Connectivity and Battery Insights

The certification details also point towards LTE connectivity for e-SIM support, a feature that would allow users to make calls and access data directly from their watch without needing their smartphone nearby. Notably, the watch appears to be compatible with major Chinese carriers like China Unicom, China Telecom, and China Mobile.

While not explicitly mentioned in the TENAA listing, a recent TUV certification indicates that the OnePlus Watch 3 may house a 500mAh battery, similar to its predecessor, the OnePlus Watch 2.

Possible Launch Timeline

Given the model number OPWW234, which follows the pattern of the OnePlus Watch 2 (OPWWE231), the “Watch 3” moniker seems plausible. The TENAA certification strongly suggests that the launch of this smartwatch is drawing near, although OnePlus has not officially confirmed a release date.

Additional Information

The global variant of the OnePlus Watch 3, bearing the model number OPWWE234, has also been spotted on the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and TUV certification websites. This suggests a potential worldwide release for the smartwatch.

Anticipation Builds

While concrete details about additional features and specifications remain scarce, the TENAA listing has undoubtedly sparked interest and anticipation among tech enthusiasts and OnePlus fans. As we await further announcements from OnePlus, the OnePlus Watch 3 promises to be a notable addition to the smartwatch market.


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