Brigade Plus Adopts Zoho CRM for Enhanced Sales and Customer Experience

Brigade Plus, a subsidiary of Brigade Group specializing in home interiors, has recently integrated Zoho CRM into their operations. This strategic move aims to revamp their sales processes and improve customer experiences. Zoho CRM, a globally recognized CRM platform, has been instrumental in redefining Brigade Plus’s approach to sales and customer engagement.

Key Highlights:

  • Brigade Plus implemented Zoho CRM within 4 months, including 3rd party integrations and customizations.
  • The integration led to a complete overhaul of their sales operations and customer journeys.
  • Zoho CRM’s usability and integration capabilities were key factors in Brigade Plus’s selection.
  • The company achieved a 100% adoption rate of the new system among its users.
  • Significant operational efficiencies were realized, including saving over 35 hours weekly per team.
  • Brigade Plus experienced a 4x return on investment from using Zoho CRM.

Brigade Plus Adopts Zoho CRM for Enhanced Sales and Customer Experience

Ponappa PM, Head of Brigade Plus, remarked on the impact of Zoho CRM, stating that it facilitated a fourfold return on investment in two years, significantly contributing to the company’s growth. Mani Vembu, COO at Zoho Corp., emphasized the collaboration’s focus on combining technological innovation with strategic customer-centricity.

Previously, Brigade Plus struggled with a complex mix of legacy tools that hindered operational efficiency and growth. The transition to Zoho CRM was part of a larger strategy to enhance the customer experience and improve internal operations. Zoho CRM’s flexibility, including its no-code and low-code customization options, aligned well with Brigade Plus’s goals.

The adoption of Zoho CRM by Brigade Plus has resulted in numerous benefits:

  • A shift from older systems to a more user-friendly CRM led to complete user adoption.
  • The cost-to-benefit ratio was impressive, with substantial savings and improved operational efficiency.
  • The integration of Zoho CRM with other software systems like SAP Cloud and Razorpay created a cohesive data environment.
  • Operational efficiency improved, with significant time savings in routine tasks and report creation.
  • Over 40 interactive dashboards provided insights that influenced sales strategies and boosted revenue.
  • The quick and comprehensive implementation of Zoho CRM allowed for greater agility and scalability.

Looking ahead, Brigade Plus plans to fully transition their business operations to Zoho, covering aspects from quotation generation to payment collection, focusing on a seamless customer journey at every operational stage.

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