CASIO ClassWiz FX-991CW: A New Era in Scientific Calculators

CASIO has introduced the ClassWiz FX-991CW, a scientific calculator that integrates advanced features and a user-friendly interface, aiming to assist students in various fields like Engineering, Diploma, and 11th -12th State Board studies. The calculator is designed to simplify complex mathematical problems and enhance the learning experience.

Key Highlights:

  • The FX-991CW features a high-definition, four-gradation grayscale LCD, a first in its category.
  • It comes equipped with over 540 built-in functions.
  • The calculator includes a reimagined keypad with circular cursor keys for improved navigation.
  • It offers Natural Textbook Display, allowing inputs similar to textbook formats.
  • Solar energy powers the device, supplemented by a battery.
  • Unique QR Code feature enables visualization of equations and graphs on smartphones and tablets.
  • Available for INR 1595 at various outlets and online platforms.
  • Includes a new slide-on hard case and a 3-year warranty.

CASIO ClassWiz FX-991CW: A New Era in Scientific Calculators

The ClassWiz FX-991CW is distinguished by its world-first four-gradation, high-definition grayscale LCD, revolutionizing the readability and comprehension of calculations. This feature enhances the visual representation of inputs, facilitating a better understanding of complex equations.

Ease of use is a significant focus of the FX-991CW. The reimagined keypad, with circular cursor keys, allows for smooth navigation. The display is complemented by clean, bold sans-serif typeface labels, each representing a scientific function, making it easier for users to access various features. The intuitive icon-style menu further simplifies navigation and quick access to functions.

A standout feature of the FX-991CW is the Natural Textbook Display, which mimics the way fractions, roots, and other functions are written in textbooks. This feature, combined with the calculator’s solar-powered functionality, positions the FX-991CW as a reliable tool for extended use without worrying about battery life. Additionally, it includes a unique QR Code generation feature, enabling students to visualize equations and graphs on their smartphones and tablets, thereby enhancing their learning experience.

The FX-991CW is priced at INR 1595 and is available at local stationery shops, CASIO India Shop, and on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. The product link for more details is

CASIO’s latest offering in the ClassWiz series aims to transform the educational experience, making complex calculations more manageable and interactive for students across various disciplines. The addition of a new slide-on hard case and a three-year warranty further adds to the calculator’s appeal as a durable and reliable academic tool.

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