Casio Music and Sony India Launch Special Keyboard Offer

Casio Music has teamed up with Sony India to introduce a special offer in their stores nationwide. Customers purchasing select Casio keyboards will receive a complimentary pair of Sony headphones. This promotion is aimed at enhancing the musical experience of customers, combining Casio’s keyboard range with Sony’s audio technology.

Key Highlights:

  • Exclusive Offer: Customers buying a Casio keyboard will receive Sony headphones at no extra cost.
  • Product Range: The promotion includes various Casio keyboards, excluding Mini Keyboards, High Grade keyboards, and Pianos.
  • Availability: Available at Casio stores and other offline retail partners across India.
  • Limited Time: This is a time-sensitive offer.
  • Collaboration Benefits: Combines Casio’s keyboard technology with Sony’s audio expertise.

Casio Music and Sony India Launch Special Keyboard Offer

Casio Music’s collaboration with Sony India marks a significant step in providing a comprehensive musical experience to customers. The partnership leverages the strengths of both brands – Casio’s range of keyboards known for their sound quality and versatility, and Sony’s expertise in audio technology.

This offer is particularly beneficial for both experienced musicians and those new to the world of music, providing an added incentive to invest in a new instrument. The promotion is available across a variety of Casio keyboard models, though it excludes certain categories like Mini Keyboards, High Grade keyboards, and Pianos.

Customers interested in taking advantage of this offer can visit their nearest Casio store or an affiliated offline retail partner. The collaboration and offer details are also promoted on Casio Music’s Instagram, with a post available at Casio Music’s Instagram.

*Note: The offer is applicable only on selected keyboard models.

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