Consistent Infosystems Unveils New Surveillance Camera Range in India

In response to the growing demand for security and surveillance equipment, Consistent Infosystems has introduced a new range of surveillance cameras in India. These cameras are part of an effort to expand the company’s Security & Surveillance product portfolio and are notably manufactured in India.

Key Highlights:

  • The new range includes Smart Wireless 4G PT Camera, 4G Solar Camera, and more.
  • Features include 2-way communication, solar charging, and night vision.
  • The products are designed to suit Indian market conditions and aim to enhance security.

Consistent Infosystems Unveils New Surveillance Camera Range in India

Consistent Infosystems, a company known for its range in the IT, Electronic & Home Entertainment Industry, has added these cameras to offer a comprehensive surveillance solution. The new range includes various models like the Smart Wireless 4G PT Camera, 4G Solar Camera, Wireless Pan-Tilt Wifi 3MP/4MP Mini Wi-Fi P2P Plug and Play, 4G Camera Color Camera, and CCTV Camera 4G Dome. These products are distinguished by features such as two-way audio, solar charging, smart Wi-Fi app control, and night vision capabilities.

Yogesh Agrawal, CEO and Co-Founder of CONSISTENT INFOSYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED, commented on the launch, stating, “Consistent Infosystems continues to drive innovation in the surveillance landscape… These surveillance cameras… are aptly suited for Indian market conditions.” Nitin Bansal, MD and Co-Founder, added, “We are launching new products in our security and surveillance portfolio to increase our product range in this segment and in future, we will launching new devices to create a robust security and surveillance product line for our customers.”

The newly launched cameras boast features such as 3MP HD resolution, support for two-way audio communication, motion detection, human tracking, alarm push, and multi-platform remote monitoring. They are also noted for their dustproof and waterproof capabilities, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The 4G Solar Camera, in particular, offers dual lens (4mm and 8mm), dual light vision with 10X digital zoom, a panel capacity of 7 watts, and a battery capacity of 1800mAh. Other models like the Wireless PAN Tilt Wi-Fi 3/4MP Mini Wi-Fi P2P Plug & Play and the 4G Color Camera provide features such as smart humanoid tracking, alarm push, and various storage options.

The CCTV Camera 4G Dome includes the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Technology, digital noise reduction, and HD video output. These cameras are designed to be robust and efficient, with a focus on high-quality surveillance.

Consistent Infosystems’ new range of surveillance cameras is available throughout the country via the company’s branches. The pricing details are available upon request.

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