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Galaxy S24 Series Faces Color Calibration Challenges: Samsung Promises a Fix

Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy S24 series, particularly the S24 Ultra, has been facing user complaints regarding washed-out colors on its screen, causing concerns among early adopters and tech enthusiasts. This issue has been predominantly observed when the ‘Vivid’ color profile is selected in the display settings.

Key Highlights:

  • Users report washed-out colors on Galaxy S24 series screens.
  • The issue is apparent in the ‘Vivid’ color mode, not in ‘Natural’ mode.
  • Samsung acknowledges the issue and promises a software update for a fix.
  • The problem seems to be a software glitch rather than a hardware defect.

galaxy s22 angled shot

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, unveiled a few days ago, boasts several enhancements, including an extremely bright screen, a tougher frame, faster performance, improved cameras, and longer battery life. However, the display, specifically the 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x screen, has been under scrutiny for its color rendering issues. In contrast to its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, users have noticed a significant difference in color vibrancy and richness when using the Vivid color profile. The issue seems to affect the entire S24 lineup, including the Galaxy S24 and S24+ models.

Samsung has responded to these user complaints, confirming their awareness of the problem and the development of a software update to address it. This response suggests that the issue is a software-derived glitch rather than a hardware flaw, offering some relief to users concerned about potential permanent display problems.

In-Depth Analysis:

The Core Issue: Users have reported that colors on their Galaxy S24 series displays, especially when the ‘Vivid’ color profile is used, appear less vibrant and washed out. This problem seems to be absent in the ‘Natural’ color mode. The issue is most noticeable when compared to previous models like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, where the Vivid mode typically enhances color saturation and vibrancy.

Samsung’s Response: Acknowledging the issue, Samsung has confirmed that this is a software-related problem and not a hardware defect. The company has assured users that a software update is in the works to resolve this color calibration issue. This response provides relief to users, indicating that the issue can be fixed without the need for hardware replacements or repairs.

Technical Insights: The problem seems to be tied to the software that controls the color calibration and display settings on the device. Since the issue is not present during media playback and is specific to certain settings, it suggests that the OLED panel’s capability to display vibrant colors remains intact but is being limited or improperly managed by the device’s software.

Broader Implications: While the display issue is a setback for Samsung, the prompt acknowledgment and promise of a fix highlight the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and post-purchase support. It’s also a reminder of the complexities involved in integrating cutting-edge display technology with software, where even minor glitches can significantly impact user experience.

User Experiences: Apart from the display color issues, the Galaxy S24 series has been well-received for its other features, such as its improved camera performance, faster processing power, and robust build quality. The display issue, while significant, appears to be a small part of an otherwise well-received product launch.

The Galaxy S24 series, especially the S24 Ultra, has encountered user complaints about washed-out colors when using the Vivid color profile. Samsung has acknowledged this issue, attributing it to a software glitch, and is working on an update to resolve it. The problem, not affecting media playback, suggests a specific issue with the color profile settings.


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