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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Varun Sanghi, Head, CarTrade Ventures (M&A, Investments at CarTrade Tech Limited)

Varun Sanghi

Varun Sanghi, leading CarTrade Ventures—a USD 100 million fund focused on M&A and incubation—is a prominent figure driving digital innovation and business growth in the automotive sector. With eight years of dedicated experience, Varun has significantly influenced CarTrade’s trajectory.

A pivotal achievement in Varun’s career was orchestrating the INR 520 crore acquisition of OLX India, the largest transaction of 2023. This strategic move bolstered CarTrade’s leadership, resulting in a 45% revenue growth and a remarkable 70% surge in stock price, highlighting Varun’s strategic acumen and impact.

In addition to his M&A expertise, Varun has spearheaded the incubation of CarTrade Infotech, a groundbreaking SaaS business unit dedicated to simplifying the auto buying process. The success of its Dealer Management Software, used by over 15,000 dealers, and the Auto Finance solution, processing over half a million loan requests annually, underscores Varun’s technological prowess. The global adoption of these solutions by esteemed OEMs such as BMW, Hero MotoCorp, and Bajaj Auto further attests to the excellence delivered by Varun and his proficient team.

We had a chance to interview Mr. Varun to talk about the DMS and AFS products. Here is how the interview went.

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Dealer Management System (DMS):

  1. How does the DMS software streamline operations for over 10,000+ auto dealers?

The DMS software streamlines operations for over 10,000 auto dealers by providing efficient inventory management tools through mobile and desktop applications, automating sales processes, and integrating a robust CRM system for enhanced customer engagement and communication.

  1. Can you elaborate on how it enhances efficiency and boosts customer satisfaction?

The DMS enhances efficiency and boosts customer satisfaction through intelligent CRM and inventory modules that allow dealers to follow up and track prospects in a timely and easy manner. It also ensures customers get all information they need from dealers on time and in digital manner, thus boosting customer satisfaction. The DMS also comes with user-friendly built-in websites that meet customer needs for product discovery, trust, and financing, enabling data-driven decision-making with detailed reporting and analytics, and facilitating personalized communication with customers through various channels.

  1. What specific tools does it offer for inventory tracking and sales reporting?

The DMS offers comprehensive tools for inventory tracking and sales reporting, including mobile and desktop applications for efficient stock management, evaluation, and certification processes, along with detailed reporting capabilities capturing buyer information, invoices, and post-sales workflows.

  1. How does it improve customer service and support?

It improves customer service and support by enabling efficient communication via phone, messaging apps, and email, tracking interactions between dealerships and customers for better understanding of customer needs, and providing transparent sales processes with online order booking and tracking features.

Auto Finance Solution:

  1. What is the process behind processing over half a million loan requests annually?

Processing over half a million loan requests annually involves implementing robust technology solutions, automation, and strategic partnerships with leading financial institutions. This ensures efficient management of loan requests while maintaining accuracy, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

  1. How does your platform ensure faster and smoother financing for car buyers?

Our platform ensures faster and smoother financing for car buyers by offering a seamless one-click auto finance experience, integrating with multiple financiers to provide competitive loan offers, and enabling online application and approval processes for convenience.

  1. Could you explain how the experience is seamless from application to approval?

The experience is seamless from application to approval with our FinSoft Solution, providing instant approvals and multiple bank offers through a single form. Advanced algorithms factor in various criteria such as bank policies and customer profiles to streamline the process from document upload to loan disbursal.

  1. What types of flexible financing options are available for individual needs?

We offer flexible financing options tailored to individual needs, including pre-approved deals, personalized offers with various repayment options, and exclusive discounts. Customers receive comprehensive insights into eligibility and repayment terms, ensuring a customized financing experience.

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