EZVIZ Unveils New Range of Security Cameras in India

EZVIZ Unveils New Range of Security Cameras in India

EZVIZ has launched a series of new security cameras designed for various settings from home to business use, boasting features such as full-HD night vision, 360-degree coverage, and smart tracking functions.

Key Highlights:

  • EZVIZ C1C-B offers full-HD night vision and supports advanced H.265 video compression.
  • The C1C-B includes user-friendly audio alerts, two-way audio, and compatibility with voice commands.
  • EZVIZ TY1 provides a 360-degree field of vision with 2k resolution and enhanced night vision capabilities.
  • The C6N model features Smart Night Vision, motorized Pan and Tilt, and a micro SD card slot for up to 256GB of storage.
  • C8C outdoor camera includes three night vision modes, a noise-canceling microphone, and built-in spotlights.
  • EB3 & CB3 models from EZVIZ’s standalone smart home battery camera segment offer resolutions of 2K and 1080p, respectively, with a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

EZVIZ Unveils New Range of Security Cameras in India

The new security cameras introduced by EZVIZ cover a broad spectrum of surveillance needs. Each camera has been designed with features to suit different environments, from compact indoor areas to expansive outdoor spaces.

The EZVIZ C1C-B is an indoor WiFi camera that comes equipped with a full-HD night vision range of up to 12 meters. It features easy DIY installation, a flexible positioning stem, two-way audio, and compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

The EZVIZ TY1 Pan & Tilt Camera offers a 360-degree field of vision with a 4MP camera. It supports smart tracking, has a MicroSD slot capable of handling cards up to 256GB, and comes with sleep mode for privacy protection.

For medium-scale businesses, the EZVIZ C6N presents a 2K QUAD HD camera with motorized Pan and Tilt for 360° visual coverage, Smart Night Vision, and motion detection smart tracking.

Outdoor surveillance is taken care of by the EZVIZ C8C, an outdoor Pan/Tilt Camera with three night vision modes, two exterior antennas for enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity, and a weatherproof enclosure.

Additionally, the EB3 & CB3 cameras are designed for simple operation and robust performance, suitable for outdoor security. They feature a rechargeable battery, color night vision up to 15 meters, and a PIR sensor for distinguishing between humans and other moving objects.

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