Home News FedEx Announces $100M Investment in Hydeabad’s Tech Hub

FedEx Announces $100M Investment in Hydeabad’s Tech Hub

FedEx Announces $100M Investment in Hydeabad's Tech Hub

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., has inaugurated its first Advanced Capability Community (ACC) in Hyderabad, India, with an investment of $100 million. This move aims to boost the city’s economic growth and foster technological innovation.

Key Highlights:

  • FedEx invests $100 million in Hyderabad’s economy.
  • Launch of the first Advanced Capability Community in Hyderabad.
  • Initiative to leverage India’s talent for digital transformation.
  • Collaboration with Telangana government’s tech talent development strategy.
  • Aim to enhance global supply chain ecosystem and FedEx’s technological capabilities.

FedEx Announces $100M Investment in Hydeabad's Tech Hub

The ACC in Hyderabad is designed as a center for technological and digital advancements. This initiative is in line with the Telangana government’s focus on nurturing a skilled technology workforce. It promises to create new job opportunities and develop innovative capabilities to meet FedEx’s global technological needs.

During the launch, Raj Subramaniam, President and CEO of FedEx Corporation, highlighted the significance of the investment, stating, “This investment in talent and innovation is part of our broader plan to drive excellence and deliver unparalleled smart logistics solutions worldwide. By leveraging an exceptional talent pool, we are accelerating digital transformation and delivering innovative solutions to our customers.”

The establishment of the FedEx ACC in Hyderabad marks a critical step in the company’s international strategy. It initiates the development of a global network of such communities, aiming to bolster the company’s growth, expansion, and contribution to the worldwide supply chain ecosystem.



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