Waaree Technologies Partners with 3DBattery for Energy Storage Solutions

Waaree Technologies Ltd. (WTL), part of the Waaree Group, has announced the signing of a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Israeli company, 3DBattery. This collaboration aims to develop and produce advanced energy storage solutions. The focus will be on 3DBattery’s lithium-ion and forthcoming sodium-ion technology. Both companies will evaluate this partnership further before committing to a definitive agreement.

Key Highlights:

  • Waaree Technologies Ltd. signs MoU with 3DBattery to develop advanced energy storage solutions.
  • The collaboration focuses on lithium-ion and upcoming sodium-ion technology.
  • Aim to establish India’s leading “Cell to System” technology company.
  • Partnership will leverage 3DBattery’s R&D and Waaree’s manufacturing capabilities.
  • Goal to indigenously manufacture high-performance, rechargeable energy storage solutions.

Waaree Technologies Partners with 3DBattery for Energy Storage Solutions

3DBattery specializes in advanced lithium-ion battery cells featuring cutting-edge chemistry, designed to enhance energy storage performance. The company’s products find application in various sectors, including Electric Vehicles, Micro Mobility, Stationary, and Renewable Energy.

Waaree Technologies Ltd. seeks to establish itself as a top “Cell to System” technology company in India. This collaboration brings together Waaree’s manufacturing expertise and 3DBattery’s research and development strength, aiming to transform the renewable energy storage sector. The partnership is set to enable Waaree to produce high-performance, rechargeable energy storage solutions in India, enhancing its standing in both national and global energy markets.

Mr. Kirit Doshi, Chairman & Managing Director of Waaree, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. He highlighted that combining 3DBattery’s R&D prowess with Waaree’s manufacturing capabilities is expected to bring a significant shift in energy storage. He also emphasized the importance of this partnership in the context of diversifying supply chains and reducing dependency on single sources. The collaboration is poised to bolster Waaree’s ability to cater to every segment of the energy storage market and contribute significantly to the global clean energy transition.

Waaree Technologies Ltd.’s engagement with global entities in renewable and new energy storage underlines its commitment to advancing and promoting cutting-edge technologies. These efforts are geared towards transforming the global energy landscape and advancing towards Net-Zero goals.

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