Home News Google’s AI Chatbot Gemini Takes Root in India, Speaks 9 Local Languages

Google’s AI Chatbot Gemini Takes Root in India, Speaks 9 Local Languages

Google's AI Chatbot Gemini Takes Root in India, Speaks 9 Local Languages

Google has officially brought its generative AI chatbot, Gemini, to India, expanding its language capabilities beyond English to include nine major Indian languages. This move signals a major step in making advanced AI accessible to a wider audience in the country.

A Multilingual AI Companion

Previously available only in English, Gemini now allows users to type or converse in Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. This expansion significantly increases the chatbot’s potential reach in a country where linguistic diversity is a defining characteristic.

How to Access Gemini

Android users can download the Gemini app directly from the Play Store or opt-in through Google Assistant. iOS users will need to wait a bit longer, as Gemini is set to become available through the Google app in the coming weeks. Interaction with the chatbot is similar to Google’s previous voice assistant, activated by the familiar “Hey Google” wake phrase.

More Than Just Chat

Gemini isn’t just a text-based tool. It allows users to combine text, speech, and images for a more comprehensive AI experience. Need instructions on changing a flat tire? Snap a picture, and Gemini will guide you through it. Crafting a heartfelt thank-you note? Gemini can help with that too. Google envisions Gemini as a versatile helper that goes beyond simple conversation.

Gemini Advanced for Power Users

Along with the basic app, Google is also introducing Gemini Advanced in India. This version provides access to Google’s most capable AI models, including features like expanded context windows and advanced reasoning abilities. The inclusion of nine Indian languages in Gemini Advanced opens up these powerful AI tools to a much larger user base.

Sundar Pichai’s Vision

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, shared his excitement about the launch on X (formerly Twitter), highlighting the significance of bringing Gemini to India’s diverse linguistic landscape.

What This Means for India

The availability of Gemini in multiple Indian languages could have far-reaching implications. It could bridge the digital divide by providing information and assistance in users’ preferred languages. Businesses could also benefit from more effective communication with customers in their native tongues. Additionally, this move could spur further innovation in the Indian AI space, as developers explore new ways to leverage Gemini’s capabilities.

While the launch marks a significant step, it’s just the beginning for Gemini in India. As more users interact with the chatbot, Google is likely to gather valuable insights for further refinement and expansion. With the promise of a “truly conversational, multimodal, and helpful AI assistant,” Gemini could change how Indians interact with technology in their daily lives.


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