Home News Google Changes Bard’s Name to Gemini in Major AI Update

Google Changes Bard’s Name to Gemini in Major AI Update

Google Changes Bard's Name to Gemini in Major AI Update

In a significant strategic move, Google has rebranded its generative AI chatbot Bard to Gemini. This change, announced earlier this year, marks a pivotal shift in the company’s approach to AI, aligning with its broader vision of creating more advanced, safe, and responsible AI models.

Why the Name Change?

The renaming of Bard to Gemini is more than just a rebranding effort. According to Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, this shift reflects the company’s commitment to integrating its AI models under a cohesive and more descriptive brand name. The name Gemini signifies a broader and more capable AI suite that goes beyond the original Bard’s capabilities. Pichai emphasized that the new name better represents the advanced nature of the underlying AI technology that powers the chatbot, allowing users to engage directly with the Gemini model when using the service​​.

Enhancements and New Features

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With the rebranding, Google has also introduced several new features and updates to the AI chatbot. One of the significant additions is the Gemini Advanced tier, which utilizes Google’s most sophisticated AI model, Ultra 1.0. This model excels in complex tasks such as coding, logical reasoning, and creative collaboration, making it a formidable competitor to existing AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus and Microsoft’s Copilot Pro​.

Moreover, the Gemini Advanced plan offers expanded multimodal capabilities, including better support for coding and the ability to upload and analyze various types of files and documents. This advanced tier is available through Google’s new One AI Premium Plan, priced at $20 per month. This plan not only provides access to Gemini Advanced but also includes other benefits like 2TB of cloud storage and premium tools in Google Workspace​​.

Integration Across Google Products

In addition to these enhancements, Google is making Gemini more accessible across its ecosystem. The AI chatbot is now available as a dedicated app for Android devices and will soon be integrated into the Google app on iOS. This move ensures that users can seamlessly interact with Gemini across various platforms, including Google Workspace, Gmail, Docs, and more​.

Google’s rebranding to Gemini signifies its forward-looking approach to AI development. The company plans to incorporate Gemini into more products, enhancing functionalities and user experience across its suite of services. This rebranding also highlights Google’s commitment to evolving its AI technology in a manner that is both user-friendly and aligned with regulatory standards​​.

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