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GoPro Launches Quik Desktop App for macOS

GoPro has announced the launch of Quik, a macOS desktop version of its mobile application, enhancing its content creation suite. The Quik app is designed to offer seamless project synchronization across devices, incorporating features for both novice and experienced creators. This release marks an expansion of GoPro’s software offerings, integrating advanced editing tools with user-friendly interfaces.

Key Highlights:

  • Quik desktop app syncs with mobile and cloud for seamless editing across devices.
  • Features include auto highlight editing and beat sync for easy, professional-looking edits.
  • Available initially for macOS, with a Windows version expected later in the year.
  • Subscription offered at INR 499/year or INR 99/month, including advanced editing tools, music tracks, and filters.
  • Free trial available for macOS, iOS, and Android, with full access to editing tools on a temporary basis.

GoPro's Quik app launches for macOS, offering synced editing across devices, auto edits, and easy-to-use tools for all creators. Available now with a subscription option.

The release of the Quik desktop application for macOS by GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) introduces a new dimension to its content creation toolkit. By bridging the gap between mobile and desktop environments, Quik allows users to begin projects on one device and complete them on another. The app includes features like beat sync, which aligns edits with the soundtrack’s rhythm, and an auto highlight editing feature for effortless, professional-grade results.

Nicholas Woodman, GoPro Founder and CEO, emphasized the app’s broad appeal, stating, “Our new Quik desktop app syncs with our mobile app and cloud, making GoPro the ultimate content creation solution for beginners and advanced creators alike.” He highlighted the auto-editing feature as a convenient entry point for new creators, while also pointing to the potential for enhanced capabilities through ongoing developments in AI and computer vision.

The Quik subscription is available to both GoPro and non-GoPro users, offering unlimited access to the app’s editing tools, auto edits, filters, and a vast library of music tracks. With a price of INR 499 per year or INR 99 per month, the subscription aims to provide a comprehensive video editing solution for mobile content.

As GoPro continues to expand its software offerings, the introduction of Quik for macOS (and soon for Windows) represents a significant step forward in making advanced content creation tools accessible to a wider audience.



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