Home News Haier’s “Perform Big, Silently” Campaign Celebrates Women Achievers

Haier’s “Perform Big, Silently” Campaign Celebrates Women Achievers

Haier's "Perform Big, Silently" Campaign Celebrates Women Achievers

Haier Appliances India has launched its latest campaign, “Perform Big, Silently,” to showcase the achievements of Indian women across various industries. This digital campaign aligns the silent yet effective performance of Haier’s washing machines with the impactful work of these women.

Key Highlights:

  • Haier’s campaign features stories of women leaders, CXOs, and entrepreneurs.
  • The campaign draws a parallel between the women’s achievements and Haier’s direct motion motor-powered washing machines.
  • Featured achievers include Shivaani D Mallik, Sudeshna Banerjee, Sharan Khanna, Tanu Ganguly, and Neha Saida Mehta.
  • The campaign is an extension of Haier’s “Silent Performers” series.
  • Priyanka Sethi, Head of Marketing at Haier, emphasizes the campaign’s focus on celebrating women’s contributions in various fields.

Haier's "Perform Big, Silently" Campaign Celebrates Women Achievers

The campaign, part of Haier’s ongoing “Silent Performers” series, highlights the determination and hard work of women achievers in India. These stories are presented through a digital video series, offering insights into the personal and professional journeys of these women. The featured achievers include Shivaani D Mallik from Da Milano, Sudeshna Banerjee of Natwest Group, YogaPreneur Sharan Khanna, Tanu Ganguly from Mishry Reviews, and Neha Saida Mehta, founder of Amaltaas.

Priyanka Sethi, Head of Marketing at Haier Appliances India, describes the campaign as a tribute to the under-recognized contributions of women in various sectors. Sethi elaborates on the similarities between these women and Haier’s products, noting their shared attributes of high performance, grace, and calmness.

This initiative is the third in the “Silent Performers” series, following the 2019 campaign featuring sportswomen Dipa Karmakar, Hima Das, and Simranjit Kaur, and the 2021 campaign honoring Dr. Arunima Sinha, Dr. Seema Rao, Harika Dronavalli, and Anissa Lamare. The series consistently emphasizes the role of women achievers in breaking barriers and inspiring others.

In addition to the campaign’s storytelling aspect, it reflects Haier’s philosophy of “Inspired Living” and its commitment to creating products that resonate with consumers’ evolving lifestyles. The campaign underscores Haier’s dedication to innovation and its ability to reflect the characteristics of its target audience in its products and marketing strategies.


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