RAEGR Introduces New Travel Cases for Watch Safety

RAEGR has recently launched two new travel cases designed for wristwatches and smartwatches, providing a solution for keeping these items safe and organized during travel. The brand, known for its range of gadgets and accessories, now offers a single-slot and a triple-slot travel case to cater to different needs of travelers.

Key Highlights:

  • RAEGR introduces two travel cases for wristwatches and smartwatches.
  • The cases are designed for safe and organized travel with watches.
  • Features include hard exteriors, inner foam pillows, and well-spaced chambers.
  • Single Storage Watch Box is compact and built with durable materials.
  • The 3 Slots Watch Travel Case accommodates up to three watches.
  • Both cases are equipped with protective elements against scratches and impacts.
  • Available for purchase on Raegr.com and Amazon.in.

RAEGR Introduces New Travel Cases for Watch Safety

The single-slot case, named the RAEGR Travel Watch Case & Organizer Single Storage Watch Box, is constructed with durable materials and is compact yet robust, making it suitable for travel. It features a hard exterior and is protected with a zipper. The interior is lined with tough ballistic nylon and plush velvet, providing a 54mm capacity for a variety of watch styles. The exterior is crafted from waterproof nylon and EVA material, offering additional protection against accidental spills. A carabiner is included for secure attachment inside luggage. This case is priced at Rs 699.

For those needing more space, the RAEGR 3 Slots Watch Travel Case cum Organizer offers additional features. Constructed with ballistic nylon, it can accommodate up to three watches of up to 54mm each. The case includes a foam watch roll for extra protection and foam pillows for each watch. Its design features a smooth zipper and a smart handle, combining functionality with a sleek look. This case is available for Rs 1,999.

Ajesh George, Managing Director of RAEGR, emphasized the importance of protecting valuable timepieces, especially for frequent travelers. He highlighted the thoughtfulness in the design of both the single and triple watch storage cases, ensuring both compactness and safety without compromising on style. These products are aimed at those who value both aesthetics and functionality in their travel accessories.

The new RAEGR travel cases can be purchased on Raegr.com and Amazon.in.

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