Home News Huawei Watch Fit 3 Global Launch Nears, Gains Key Certification

Huawei Watch Fit 3 Global Launch Nears, Gains Key Certification

Huawei Watch Fit 3 Global Launch Nears, Gains Key Certification

The anticipation for the global launch of Huawei’s latest smartwatch, the Huawei Watch Fit 3, heightens as it recently acquired Indonesia’s SDPPI certification. This milestone comes after the device’s earlier achievement of passing China’s CQC (China Quality Certification), signaling a significant step towards its worldwide debut.

Key Highlights:

  • The Huawei Watch Fit 3 has been teased since July last year, with the promise of a “revealing soon” announcement.
  • Recently, the smartwatch model SLO-B19 received the CQC certification, hinting it is the much-awaited Huawei Watch Fit 3. This model is reported to have audio storage and playback functionalities and, following a growing trend, will not include a charger in the box.
  • Speculation suggests the Huawei Watch Fit 3 will share its launch stage with the flagship Huawei P70 series, although the event has reportedly been delayed.
  • Expected features of the Huawei Watch Fit 3, based on its predecessor’s specs, include a heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, 97 workout modes, sleep and stress level tracking, and potentially more.
  • The Watch Fit 2 introduced a rectangular 1.74-inch AMOLED display, a resolution of 336×480 pixels, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, NFC, and a battery life rated for 10 days of typical usage.

The Huawei Watch Fit series has evolved significantly since its inception, with the Watch Fit 2 offering enhanced display size, extended battery life, and a plethora of fitness tracking capabilities. The forthcoming Watch Fit 3 is anticipated to build on this foundation, incorporating advanced health monitoring and potentially introducing new technologies to elevate the user experience​​.

The Wait is Nearly Over

The Huawei Watch Fit series has proven successful for the tech giant, offering a blend of fitness tracking capabilities and smartwatch functionality at an attractive price point. The upcoming Watch Fit 3 promises to continue this trend with improvements that should appeal to health-conscious consumers.

The SDPPI certification indicates that Huawei has finalized the core features and design of the Watch Fit 3 and is now obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals for its target markets.

As we approach the speculated launch timeframe, the tech community is abuzz with excitement over what Huawei will unveil, the Watch Fit 3 is one step closer to reaching consumers globally. Although official details remain scarce, the certifications and leaks suggest the Watch Fit 3 will not only continue Huawei’s tradition of fitness and health-focused smartwatches but also introduce new features to enhance its appeal to a broader audience.

The delay in the Huawei P70 series event, where the Watch Fit 3 is expected to debut, adds an element of suspense to the launch. Nevertheless, this gives Huawei more time to refine their product and potentially add more features or improvements based on consumer feedback on previous models. As the global launch of the Huawei Watch Fit 3 inches closer, the anticipation for this next-generation smartwatch grows, promising new advancements in wearable technology and fitness tracking.


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