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Intel Probes Game Crash Issues on 13th, 14th Gen Core i9 CPUs


PC gamers using Intel’s latest high-end Core i9 processors are facing mounting frustration as numerous reports surface regarding frequent game crashes and system instability. Intel has acknowledged the concerns, confirming it is actively investigating the source of these issues that seem to particularly affect titles built on the popular Unreal Engine.

Chip giant Intel is delving into widespread reports of its powerful 13th and 14th generation Core i9 processors causing game crashes and unexpected errors. Gamers have expressed concerns across online forums and communities, detailing frequent instability while playing specific titles, with games built on the Unreal Engine seemingly the most heavily impacted.

Affected users often see error messages referencing insufficient video memory, even when their systems are equipped with high-performance graphics cards. This has led to speculation that the issue may lie with Intel’s CPU architecture or associated drivers, rather than being purely a graphics processing problem.

Intel’s official response indicates they are taking the reports seriously. The company has stated it is aware of the issues and is currently working with partners to pinpoint the root cause. In the meantime, some game developers have suggested temporary workarounds. For example, the studio behind Outpost: Infinity Siege recommended that players with Intel’s i9-13900K or i9-14900K processors slightly downclock their CPUs to potentially mitigate crashes.

This isn’t the first hurdle for Intel’s latest Core i9 lineup. Previous reports highlighted potential power management and thermal throttling problems with these high-performance chips under heavy workloads. It remains to be seen whether these current game crash problems stem from a similar issue or a separate software or firmware conflict.

PC retailers in certain regions, like South Korea, have seen an uptick in returns of 13th and 14th generation Intel CPUs, adding to the pressure for a swift solution from Intel. As the investigation continues, gamers remain hopeful for a resolution that will allow them to fully enjoy their gaming experiences without unexpected crashes frustrating their sessions.


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